It is that time of the year again when design, decorating and fashion firmly move towards trends that lead us to the best of summer and spring styles. For those who are stuck indoors and looking for ways to improve their home even as they try to find new ways to spend time in isolation, thinking about which trends you would want to welcome home in the next few months is a great start. Even if you cannot get things done right away, the inspiration should help you to start the makeover in the right direction with little tweaks that would help down the line. It is the beautiful and cuddly world of nurseries that we step into today as we look at the top nursery decorating trends for spring and summer ahead.

Charming gray, white and pink nursery has a modern shabby chic style [From: Lace and Grace Interiors]

Yes, we are already deep into spring and even welcoming summer in many parts of the world. But fall and winter are definitely a long way away right now and that means these fabulous design styles should serve you well for months ahead. A couple of them would also be great during colder times, making them a more perennial choice. Whether you like the casual or contemporary, these three nursery styles cover them all –

Breezy Charm of Shabby Chic

It is amazing how the structure and polished 90’s and 2000’s have given way to the more casual and eclectic style that is shabby chic. It is a style that feels relaxing, elegant and you still get a lovely blend of a neutral backdrop and lovely splashes of color. White sheer curtains, delicate fabric, fun motifs and a hint of greenery are all a part of this style. Every one of these elements can be used to create a bright, attractive and healthy nursery where the interior feels as beautiful as rest of your home. Combine shabby chic with a dash of French colonial flair or Scandinavian minimalism for a unique fusion of styles.

French country style combined with shabby chic panache inside the spacious nursery
Gorgeous shabby chic nursery with comfy rug and minimal décor [From: Lace and Grace Interiors]
Shabby chic nursery in light cream has a timeless French country panache about it [From: Susan Friday Photography]
Shabby chic nursery in neutral hues inspired by the night sky
Comfy sofa and teepee in the corner bring added charm to the small nursery
Curated and class shabby chic nursery with bright pops of color

Beach Style: Forever Popular

If there is one bankable style that will not let you down, then it is beach style at its beautiful best. Beach style looks good even beyond summer months as it brings that cheerful, fresh look indoors. It is super-easy to create in the nursery with a neutral backdrop, beach style accessories and a plash of blue. Colors like orange and coral are also popular in the beach style nursery. White and blue striped carpets or drapes are also a popular choice and there is no dearth of coastal-themed furniture that you can rely on. This is a style in the nursery that you will not have to change too often.

Navy blue curtains, bedding and accessories accentuate the beach style of this nursery [From: Couture Designs]
Textured wall in blue for the cheerful beach style nursery [From: Kevin Edge Photography]
White and blue are the go-to colors in the beach style nursery
Exquisite modern coastal nursery in gray with refined décor [From: Janet Patterson Interior Design]
Give your coastal and beach style nursery a grand visual appeal
It is impossible to miss the nautical influences in this beach style nursery

Contemporary with Colorful Zest

This is a style that allows you to create a more flexible backdrop that gives you an option to convert the nursery into a guest room or even a kids’ room with ease down the line. The neutral appeal of a contemporary nursery also makes it a great gender-neutral place where you can try out different colors and style influences with ease. Finding décor for this nursery is easy enough and if you want to add something unique to the setting a bespoke crib could do the trick. Comfortable chairs, blocks of color and an even layer of lighting should do the rest.

Dashing light-filled nursery combines contemporary appeal with subtle beach style
Finding the right wallpaper for the small contemporary nursery
Monochromatic contemporary nursery in white feels cheerful and stylish [From: Jane Kim Design]
Smart contemporary nursery in white and light blue with gray crib [From: Interior Therapy]
White and blue striped walls enliven contemporary nursery with corner bed [From: Interiors by Maite Granda]
Adding wallpaper to the nursery gives it a livelier backdrop [From: Regan Baker Design]
Contemporary girls’ bedroom in white and pink with a unique crib that has metallic finish [From: Styled by Priscilla Tan]

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