Reaching New Heights: Spectacular Home Offices with Mountain Views

We have recently harped on about the increasing prominence of home offices. Rooms that were once considered an ‘add on’ are now becoming an absolute must. Even small apartments and urban homes with limited room are coming with a home work area that brings all the advantages of a home office in a space-savvy fashion. But for those who can afford to spare an entire, dedicated room for the home office, decorative and spatial choices are aplenty. These choices get even more exciting when you have a gorgeous ocean view or serene mountain view to make the most of!

Breathtaking mountain views steal the spotlight here [From: SAV Digital Environments / Audrey Hall Photography]

Home offices with mountain views are obviously hard to find. Most homeowners prefer a view of the distant mountains from their living room, bedroom, kitchen or even dining space before they think about bringing it into the home office. But today, we shift our attention towards the blessed few who are lucky enough to have an office that overlooks the distant mountains or snow-covered peaks even as it sits just a few steps away from their living room! Even if you cannot replicate these home office designs for obvious reasons, there is still plenty of inspiration you can draw from. Enjoy!

Embrace the View

If you have a captivating view outside the home office window, then the best thing to do is to embrace it in an unassuming fashion. Focus on keeping the home office as simple and minimal as possible and make sure that the view of the mountains in the distances ends up becoming the showstopper of the setting. The more majestic and breathtaking the backdrop, the less you need to do with the room itself. Let the panoramic scenery outside take over by using floor-to-ceiling glass doors, large glass windows and create a seamless indoor-outdoor interplay where nature sets the mood.

Library and home office rolled into one
Minimal contemporary home office with transparent chair, slim table and mountain views [From: Morgante Wilson Architects]
Slim desk and glass walls put the focus on view outside
Contemporary home office with sweeping views of landscape in the distance [From: Assembledge]

Modern and Majestic

Combining a modern home office with a majestic view outside is all too easy. Take the same approach to decorating as we alluded to earlier and keep things uncomplicated. Even if you are not open to an idea of a home office with sweeping glass walls and a 360-degree view, you can still make the most of the spectacular scenery in the distance by using windows in a clever and curated fashion. Using bold colors along in these spaces is a touch risky unless you want to opt for themes like tropical, eclectic or traditional. Combine smart green accents and cozy rugs in bright hues with a neutral backdrop and you the perfect modern home office with mountain views.

Magnificent contemporary home office with impressive mountain views [From: Aspen Design Room]
Open home office with beautiful mountain views
Small window above the workstation brings the outdoors into the home office [From: Semmes & Co. Builders]
Small window and a spacious balcony bring mountain views into this modern home office in gray [From: Krueger Architecture & Design]
Dark contemporary home office with spectacular snow-covered mountains in the distance [From: b+g design]

Rustic Home Office with Mountain Views

It goes without saying that every time we see mountains outside the window there is a big part of us that feels like going down the rustic decorating path. The woodsy cabin style feels appropriate here and you can mix warm wooden surfaces with exposed brick wall sections, stone walls and even a lovely fireplace to give the home office a relaxing and inviting vibe. For the artist, writer and the creative mind in general, this will undoubtedly be a place that helps them relax while giving birth to inspiring new ideas!

Rustic home office with gorgeous mountain views in the distance [From: Shannon Callaghan Interior Design]
Snow-covered mountains outside the window give this home office a spectacular appeal [From: Prentiss Balance Wickline Architects]
Wooden frame of the window frames the mountain views
Beautiful view of the mountains from the lovely home office
Modern rustic home office with wooden shelving, cabinets and lovely mountain views [From: Dovetail Construction]

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