Turning old buildings into contemporary homes not only saves resources and time, but it also gives us innovative new interiors that feel a touch different from the mundane. Transforming an old school building unit in Brussels, Belgium into a gorgeous modern loft with minimalist style and yellow aura, dmvA completely altered the interior while making most of the ample space on offer. It is not very often that you see homeowners or designers gravitate towards colored glass panels as room partitions and it is even rarer to have ones in yellow picked for the job. But that is exactly what you get here with fabulous light yellow glass panels delineating the living area from the kitchen and dining space.

Tinted glass walls in yellow show this Brussels apartment in a whole new light

Beyond this lower level, you have the bathroom that is clad entirely in yellow with the floor, ceiling, fixtures and accessories, all embracing the color gleefully. Apart from this overload of yellow, the rest of the apartment is clad in white with minimal décor and cabinets shaping the kitchen and the bedroom. Space-savvy design takes over with contemporary lighting fixtures adding elegance to the mix. Large windows bring in natural light while a smart layer of recessed lighting ensures that there are no dull corners here.

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It is the yellow glass walls that bring the colorful glint to this unique loft
Modern loft inside old school building in Brussels with plenty of yellow
Polished and elegant contemporary loft apartment in Brussels
Spacious loft in white with a bold yellow twist inside it
A world of yellow awaits at the smart Loft Geeraert
Bathroom with yellow floor, ceiling and plenty of natural light

This is a loft that is bound to easily polarize opinion. Some will instantly fall in love with the idea of yellow panels while others will detest the use of colored glass that alters the ambiance dramatically. No matter which side of the fence you sit on, this is a loft that grabs your attention for sure! [Photography: Frederik Vercruysse]

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Bedroom with yellow haze adds to the unique appeal of the loft
Dashing dining area in white with contemporary decor
Small and contemporary powder room idea
Design plan of Loft Geeraert in Brussels

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