Every day, we spend a considerable amount of time sharing with our readers home decorating inspirations that involve kitchens, dining rooms, bedrooms and living spaces. Then there are times when we move outside these confines and explore the many ideas shaping gardens, patios and balconies. It is not very often though that we take a look at rooms like the home gym, music room, wine cellar or the home library – spaces that serve a very specific purpose and do so even while multi-tasking at times! Exploring these spaces showcases a whole new set of ideas that we usually do not come across when it comes to the more regularly used spaces in our home.

Small contemporary home library with glass roof, blue walls and innovative design [From: Joginder Singh Photography]

Today, we step into the less-explored world of home libraries as we take a look at the many innovative ideas that are currently shaping these colorful, contemporary space. Some serve as family rooms while also doubling as home libraries while others turn a forgotten little niche into a lovely little home library that everyone in the family can enjoy. These small contemporary home libraries bring along with them a wide range of hues and also a few smart, space-saving décor solutions –

An Imaginative Twist

There are different ways in which you can bring something different to the small contemporary home library ranging from the shelves used within this limited space to the variety of seating in the room. We love the idea of nets and hammocks that usher in a more casual vibe while also allowing you to catch up with your favorite page-turners in style. Shelves crafted from old, repurposed wooden crates, wood and metal shelves with modern industrial style and wooden modular boxes that offer ample shelving space – look for ways in which you can give the home a library a special identity.

It is hard to imagine a more relaxing or serene place to read your books than this lovely net! [From: Egue y Seta]
Organizing books by color surely makes the home library much more impressive visually [From: sitzfeldt]
Repurposed wooden crates have been used to create a custom bookshelf in this small home library [From: tRÄUME – Ideen Raum geben]
Creative wooden bookshelves packed with books make the biggest impression in this family room [From: Créateurs d’Intérieur]

Organize by Color

How do you feel about organizing the books in your collection by color? IT might not be a popular choice with every bibliophile out there, but it is one that has gained immense popularity in the last few years. This approach gives the contemporary home library in neutral hues a clear focal point and you have a beautiful array of colors gracing the walls in a curated fashion. Some prefer this approach to decorating the bookshelves as it is aesthetically pleasing and with ‘color blocking’ becoming a trendy choice among homeowners off late, you are bound to end up with an impressive home library. Custom cabinets and shelves created for the library can also add color to the setting; but here the color I far more pronounced and monochromatic.

Clever use of tree decals for the lower closed cabinets in the home library gives it a unique look [From: weetu]
Everything from the eye-catching rug to the books on the shelves and cozy throws bring color to this home library [From: Behrer & Partners Fastighetsmäkleri]
Gorgeous home library with deep gray walls still feels cheerful thanks to the colorful wall art and accent pillows [From: Herret von Haeften GmbH]
Lovely custom built-in bookshelves in blue for the modest home library

Finding the Right Spatial Solution

We are huge fans of small home libraries that tuck into little niches in the hallway, bedroom, living space or even the family room. These are not too demanding on your resources, make the most of very little square footage and also ensure that the vertical room is completely maximized. Any inconspicuous corner in the house can be turned into a small contemporary library with open shelves, right task lighting and a comfortable chair along with a small side table next to it. You can even explore options like movable bookshelves on wheels to capitalize on the modest area available.

Transforming the tiny niche in your home into a small home library with custom built-in bench and open shelves [From: Hage Homes]
Turning the small corner in the modern Victorian home into a library with bright pink rug, blue chair and ample shelving [From: Kate Challis Interiors]
Custom wooden bookshelves on wheels can be moved around when needed! [From: M+A Architecture Studio]

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