You might have often heard us harp on about how important it is to maximize space. It is not limited to space-savvy décor, smart arrangement of interior and clever solutions that create new nooks and niches for storage. It extends beyond that. There is also the need to keep a home uncluttered, neat and elegant. This creates what we would like to call a ‘visual sense of spaciousness’. Giving even the smallest rooms a curated and classy appeal, moving away from clutter is an important aspect of a polished, contemporary interior. While there are many space-savvy solutions out there, we always love to rely on our own handy work!

DIY bench with built-in storage for kids room

This is precisely why we have embraced the idea of space-saving DIY boxes and storage chests. Having already featured a few of the best toy chests and boxes, we decided to share with our readers more inspiration along with designs that go beyond the kids’ room. These cost-effective DIY solutions help organize the kids’ room, even adult bedrooms and home libraries and keep the mess out of sight. Delve in and discover all the designs –

Wooden Toy Boxes

Working with wood can be hard for DIY beginners, but it can also be pretty rewarding once you get a hang of things. Wooden toy boxes come in wide range of shapes and forms and the basic design is more or less the same with each one of them. If you can master making one of these, then the rest will be an absolute cakewalk! You can even add embellishments and improvise with the design over time. The most basic of DIY wooden boxes like the one featured on Ana White still offers a durable and sturdy storage option that can take plenty of knocks.

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Sturdy and durable wood chest DIY

Transforming an old crate or even a weathered wooden box into a kitchen storage option / toy chest brings an entirely different dimension to the room. These eye-catching creations can also be placed in the rustic, vintage or traditional adult bedroom for a woodsy cabin vibe and they seem equally at home.

Weathered wood pantry crates DIY
DIY shipping crate storage boxes with vintage charm

Color, Fabric and Creativity

A hot trend in the DIY world, fabric covered storage boxes with their bight hues and plenty of pattern are making a comeback of sorts in recent times. With the revival of 70’s and 80’s trends and a newfound love for wallpaper, botanicals and nature-inspired patterns, these chic and dashing storage boxes with a hint of femininity are a great hit indeed. They can be used in the girls’ bedroom, adult bedrooms with a shabby chic style, eclectic interiors with plenty of color and in the playroom as well. If you wish to stick to the sturdier option in wood then a coat of paint and a tufted seat on top should do the trick.

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Delightful fabric covered storage boxes DIY
Chic fabric storage cubes
Fun and colorful DIY toy chests
Easy toy box DIY

Benches, Wheels and Beyond

Benches with storage are vastly underrated and often it is the tufted seat with storage that gets all the attention. But once you have mastered the handling of wood (relatively speaking) crafting a bench with storage that can be used in the entryway, dining room, bedroom or even the living room is barely any different. It can be moved from the kids’ or teen room once it outlasts its usage and a new coat of paint will ensure it finds place in any other room of your house.

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DIY kids’ wooden storage bench idea

Storage boxes with wheels offer the ultimate advantage – tucking away everything and anything you can think of doing so with a great deal of mobility. You can string them as well and take them to the pile of toys thrown all across the room and soon you will see that the little ones would want to clean up their room all on their own; just because it is so much fun!

Rolling wood storage carts
Beautiful bench with storage options works well in adult spaces as well

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