the green curved walls in this seoul house feature hidden storage, by daniel valle architects

madrid-based daniel valle architects’ house is located in a three-story building from the early 90s located in the center of seoul. it is common for this type of buildings to have bearing walls structural system which allows for very subtle spatial transformations. taking this into consideration, the proposal for renovation redefines a new service area placed in the middle of the house acting as a transition zone between living and private spaces.

the new area is revealed towards the living space with a green curved wall that wraps the two existing bathrooms, new closets and storage areas without the need to demolish any existing bearing walls. the vertical MDF curved-section pieces of the wall give texture and color to the space in contrast with the neutral character of the remaining walls.

all doors closed position

daniel valle has turned one of the existing bedrooms into an extension of the living room by removing the door and increasing the width of the opening between the spaces. this way the studio managed to let more natural light into the living space from the existing window located in the former bedroom. a three-meter-long table, placed in the living room, acts as a central piece of the house can be used as a dining table in the area next to the kitchen and as a study table in the areas next to the bookshelves. 

all doors opened position

due to the small area available for the kitchen, this ‘green wall’ stores some of the house appliances such, as the washing machine or kimchi refrigerator

before renovation

living space sketch

before renovation layout

proposed layout

proposed layout plan

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edited by: maria erman | designboom