The Tropical House with Woven Pergola in the Jungle | Caribbean Courtyard Villa

The Caribbean Courtyard Villa is located in the lush jungle of the Caribbean coast of Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. This 495-square-meter rental house is a hidden retreat, with pavilions connected by a network of pergolas that blend harmoniously with the surrounding vegetation. Each space of the house, built modularly, offers privacy and comfort, while the ample eaves provide shade and protection. With a sustainable approach that includes solar power generation and passive bioclimatic design, this villa exemplifies the balance between luxury and harmony with nature in the tropical region of Costa Rica.


Architects: Studio Saxe
Photographs: Andres Garcia Lachner
Location: Puerto Viejo, Limon, Costa Rica
Area: 495 m²
Year: 2021

0:00 – Caribbean Courtyard Villa
1:32 – Social Pavilion
3:01 – Bedrooms
4:30 – Walkways
9:18 – Drawings

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