The traditions of Ireland have been shaped by its rough weather and the rugged seas around it for many centuries. It is this environment that also gave shape to some of the best stone homes that you will ever come across. Created using locally sourced stones and withstanding the rugged coastal winds and keeping out the cold, homes in stone have serve people in this region well for a while now Combining this vernacular approach to home design with a cantilevered wooden structure above, the Meadow Dance House designed by John Curran Architects brings together modernity and timeless charm.

Meadow Dance House designed by John Curran Architects in Ireland

While the lower structure of the house has been created using locally sourced stone, the upper level is draped in Oak & Beech and glass windows and doors connect the interior with the beautiful scenery outdoors. The house is green in more ways than one as it cuts down of carbon footprint by tapping into green energy and using air-to-water heat recovery system. Long grass around the house and wild flowers make the backdrop even more special while the house itself is more modern than rustic.

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Classic design elements of the house coupled with modernity
Living room of the house illuminated using colorful pendants
Lovely meadow landscape around the house
Skylights coupled with multi-colored pendants inside the house
View of the living room
View of the Meadow Dance House after sunset
View of the Meadow Dance House from a distance

The central living area on the lower level is open in design and contains also the living area, kitchen and dining space. It is the social hub of the house and brings the family together while a stone seat formed in Liscannor stone becomes the showstopper in the kitchen.

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Yellow sandstone, anchored by large blocks of grey limestone shape the lower level
Beautifully stacked stone lower structure of the house adds rustic charm to the setting
Bedroom combines privacy with fabulous meadow views
Cantilevered upper level of the house overlooking the meadows in the distance

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