Decorating a console table in an entryway can be a truly fun design endeavor, especially if you let your creativity take hold. While you may be tempted to agonize over the details, don’t feel pressure to make everything perfect. Keep the following two simple rules in mind. First, choose decor that truly works for your space. If you need this table to serve a purpose (such as holding keys and mail by the front door), make that your priority and put the focus on containers rather than objets d’art.

Second, give yourself the freedom to let your style constantly evolve! If you view the table decor as an interesting statement that isn’t set in stone, you can really enjoy the process of decorating it! Plus, you can make changes over time as you see fit. For specifics and a slew of amazing design ideas, keep reading… [Frame Slim Console Table from Cox & Cox]

Console Table Styling Basics

Let’s start with some design basics, shall we?! Don’t hesitate to use a mirror or artwork as a focal point. Below we see a beautifully designed vignette centered around a circular mirror. [photo below from 204 Park]

It goes without saying that you should choose a console table that works with your interior. For example, if you need to avoid a cluttered look, consider opting for an acrylic piece. It’s see-through, giving the illusion of more space. Below we see the sleek Peekaboo Acrylic Console Table from CB2:

Make a statement with greenery. There’s nothing like a simple vase filled with tropical leaves, or a modern pot featuring your favorite plant to create a welcoming statement in your entryway. In the next image, we see the Elke Marble Console Table with Brass Base from Crate & Barrel:

Create interest by featuring decor with a range of heights. Lamps are a great way to use the vertical space, while also illuminating your space. Stacking boxes and books can help create the height you need as well. Lower elements, such as trays to hold the mail, can also be helpful. [photo below from Nate Berkus, featured at Beautiful Habitat]

Less Is More

For many of us, a “less is more” look is most helpful for the entryway, especially if your entry is small (or basically nonexistent). Leaving room to appreciate a few key pieces will set a calm tone and establish a roomy vibe, even in the most compact of living quarters. Here’s a great strategy for a small console table: create one stack of decorative items. We love the stack of books topped with a lamp below in an image featuring CB2’s Peekaboo Smoke Acrylic Console Table:

If you don’t need your table to hold essentials such as mail, try layering a couple of framed art pieces and adding one or two more decorative items. The result: a dimensional display that takes up little space. [below: the Waterfall Inlay Console Table from Anthropologie]

Create an asymmetrical look by grouping a few items off to one side. You get a big impact, even if the items are small. Plus, much of the surface remains free of decor, creating a minimalist, uncluttered look. [below: the Oscarine Lucite Mirrored Coffee Table from Anthropologie] 

Try tucking a bench under your table to save space. Now you have a place to sit when you put your shoes on before you head out the door, but it all neatly fits into one compact area. In this case, more looks like less! [photo from Z Design at Home]

Not to take away from the console table focus of today’s article, but if you’re really into a “less is more” look, you can always opt for a bench in your entryway. It’s lower to the ground, which saves wall space, and you can even display an item or two on the seat if you need the bench to play a minor table role! We’re completely in love with this Arch Bench from Bower, featured at Domino:

Tiers of Fun

If there’s no limit to what your entryway can hold, then bring it on! We now share some fun design ideas that work for all tables, including those with more than one level. For starters, include a container or two to hold items such as keys, mail, shoes and more! Below we see a range of decorative and practical pieces on Crate & Barrel’s Echelon Console Table:

You can also choose a console table with built-in drawers for maximum storage, such as this lovely table from Cox & Cox:

Another strategy worth trying: keeping it simple with a few items on the top level of your table and one container or plant on the bottom. The look here is one of simple beauty rather than abundance. [below: the Grey Topped Console Table from Cox & Cox]

To avoid a cluttered look, incorporate pieces of one color, such as the white planters and vases below. Greenery adds another dimension to this vignette featuring the Aalto Console Table from Cox & Cox:

If you display multiple pieces on multiple layers, create an intentional, curated look. Try and avoid using the table as a dumping ground for items you’re carrying as you enter your home. [below: the Caged Black Marble Media Console from CB2]

Last but not least, don’t feel the need to fill every part of every shelf. As always, empty space can create a tranquil feel, especially when it comes to entryway console tables that welcome you into the home. Below we see the Wesley Console Table from Urban Outfitters, which holds items ranging from dried flowers to a bowl that contains smaller items.

We hope today’s post has armed you with plenty of tips and tricks for creating a calm, useful console table display. Happy decorating!!

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