This mid-century modern house was restored and renovated by Dutton Architects. Our clients loved their home and property, but wanted a better flow for their family life, both within the house itself as well as a better indoor-outdoor connection to the front garden and back yard pool. The house has amazing canyon views, and is filled with lovely afternoon light. The clients have an amazing design sensibility and collect beautiful objects, furniture, books, art, and vinyl LP’s.

Reconfiguring the house allowed us to add some logic and coherence to the rooms and flow. There is now a central hall that connects the entry area to the kitchen, living room, and bedrooms. In this view, the full-height custom walnut casework separates the kitchen from the entry area.
The new kitchen is modern and utilitarian, modest yet open and spacious. The U-shaped counters face the views on one side, and bookended by a skylit wall of hand-cut blue ceramic tile. The long skylight over the back counter helps balance the light from the windows opposite, and gives a warm wash of light over the work space all day long.

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