2020 meant we saw the rise of the home office. Modern homes have transformed spare bedrooms and even apartment-dwellers have made space for the home office. We even saw classic homes are welcoming extensions that add a home office which opens up towards the backyard and provides additional family space. Of course, all this means you have an entirely new room to decorate and that makes us very happy indeed! Here are the trending items we’ve seen popping up in everyone’s home offices this year.

Wood and metal bring character to the contemporary apartment

Giving Gold a Glorious Shot!

Gold is a color that has captivated mankind eternally and it continues to do so even in the most sophisticated and contemporary of settings! Gold in the office space looks polished, elegant and gives the home office filled with neutral hues some much needed dazzle. Of course, you do not really want to fill the room with an overload of gold. Instead, the best option is to carefully incorporate gold accents in the form of the work desk legs, the char, vases, lighting fixtures and accessories. If you want more of gold to shine through, then keeping the backdrop as neutral as possible helps immensely.

Eclectic home office with a loud wallpapered backdrop and a gold workdesk and chair [From: LBG Interiors]
Fabulous contemporary home office in white with warm, golden lighting [From: Toll brothers]
Luxurious home office with Asian style in blue and gold [From: LALA CURIO]
Modern beach style bathroom in blue with beautiful gold accents [From: Crescent Homes / Carson Photography]

Another cool way to bring the warm allure of gold into a room without actually turning to metallic accents is smart LED strip lighting combined with a yellow hue. This combination gives the shelves and the features of the room you wish to highlight a lovely, golden aura and does so in the most urbane fashion.

Polished modern home office in white and gold
Stunning home office in gray and gold [From: Sierra Pacific Windows / Werner Segarra Photography]
Transitional home office in bluish-gray with just a pinch of gold in the backdrop [From: Medina Designs]
Curated gold accents throughout the home office give it a polished look [From: Stanley Martin Homes]

Metallic Magic Galore

If gold is not your thing, then you can give another hot trend of 2018 a shot without having to deal with the yellow blitz. Copper, brass and metal accents are equally popular this season and you can even couple them with silvery, cool metallics to create a perfect home office. Once again, just like in the case of gold accents you want to combine these smart metallic pieces carefully with existing office décor without disturbing the style or the color palette already present. Pendants and small accessories are a great way to start before you usher in side tables and bold, copper and wood shelving!

Home office with a gorgeous copper ceiling is a showstopper [From: Decorative Ceiling Tiles / Damaris Jara]
Industrial home office with smartly placed metallic accents
Metal pipes and wood create a cool bookshelf for the smart home office [From: Eldorado Stone]
Minimal industrial home office with a unique work desk and chair [From: Marsh & Parsons]

Some home office decorating styles give you much more leeway when it comes to using metallics than others. Obviously, industrial modern home offices lead the pack here with rustic, farmhouse and vintage-inspired spaces following them closely. Eclectic and shabby chic home offices can also benefit from a bit of brass or copper presence while feminine home offices should get an instant facelift with these glittering additions.

Open shelves with metallic bars are a hit in the home office [From: GMS Bespoke Joinery]
Pendant lighting brings copper magic to the mesmerizing home office [From: Morgante Wilson Architects]
Striking stairway brings color and metallic magic to the home office
Copper pendant lights for the spacious home office [From: WN Interiors]

Artwork that Ushers in Nature

It is not always about color and accent alone. At times, it makes sense to take a different direction when it comes to adding accents to the home office. With nature-centric motifs, floral prints and framed botanicals becoming a huge hit in 2018, we suggest you take a similar approach and give your home office a pinch of natural vibe. Wall art and wallpaper that brings these nature-inspired patterns is easy to work with and you can simply move them out in favor of newer and better art pieces down the line. Pick prints or framed art work that compliments the style of the room; even the most masculine home offices can use a cheerful upgrade!

Perfect way to decorate an eclectic home office!
Wall art in the backdrop steals the show instantly
Add motifs inspired by nature to the contemporary home office [From: barlow reid design]
Bringing nature indoors with floral prints

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