The historic and beautiful port city of Thessaloniki is a perfect place to relax, rest and rejuvenate and has been popular with tourists forever now. It is in this lovely port city that one finds the exquisite and exuberant Luscious Apartment – a secondary home that is as gorgeous and delightful as its name suggests. The apartment was designed by the creative folk at Urban Soul Project for a family that spend most of their time outside the city and only use it occasionally. This allowed for a more innovative interior where brilliant blocks of color end up stealing the spotlight.

Brilliant pop of green, pink and golden yellow create a stunning and playful apartment interior

Interior of this beautiful apartment seems to be undoubtedly inspired by the spirit of the 60’s and 70’s and you can see that in the fun use of bold greens and pretty pinks for the backdrop. Every room of the home embraces pops of bright color some form even while there are sections of neutral spaces clad in gray and white to create an overall balance. Another impressive and unique feature of the home is the wonderful presence of metal arches and entire walls covered in wooden cabinets that make a daring visual statement.

Colorful and unique Luscious Apartment in Greece is inspired by the spirit of the 60’s
Comfortable chaise lounge in white for the relaxing holiday-style living room
Dark green and bright yellow shape the backdrop of the apartment while pops of black anchor it
Gorgeous and colorful kitchen with pink tiled backsplash, wooden cabinets and a flexible kitchen island

One gets the feeling of entering an entirely different world when you step in here and it almost seems like someone has turned back the clock by a good six decades or so! A space-savvy kitchen, long corridors that lead to different bedrooms and bathrooms and a dashing lounge along with dining space complete this exciting apartment. [Photography: Kimberley Powell]

Minimal and space-savvy bedroom in light gray and white
Small modern bathroom with pink tiles and a touch of dark green
Black pendant light brings contrast and modernity to the small apartment
Closer look at the different finishes inside the exquisite Greece apartment

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