We currently live in uncertain times with a global pandemic altering the way we live and keep us captive in our own homes for majority of the time. We have come to accept this as the ‘new normal’; even if there is almost nothing normal about it. We have already with our readers many ideas and inspirations that allow them to work from home in a more efficient and organized fashion. Yet, there seems a newfound need for greater ‘work from home’ solutions that are far more adaptable, comprehensive and provide a dedicated workspace that takes us away from the comfort of our home. It in these times that we are reminded of a brilliant creation like the Minima Moralia designed by Boano Prišmontas.

Bring modular working space to your backyard that can easily adapt to your specific needs

Originally unveiled in 2016, this pop-up studio was designed to meet the changing housing needs in London where young and budding artists are being pushed out because of inflated living costs and rents. This adaptable and modular studio with a translucent skin was designed to serve as an affordable and adaptable live/work studio space that is temporarily occupied by different artists. Yet, in today’s world, we feel that this would make the perfect tiny backyard studio or home office that takes you away from your more comfortable living area and allows you to focus on what needs to be done.

Creative interior of the adapts to the needs of a designer at work!
Interior of the flexible and modular space-savvy unit if it were occupied by a a carpenter
Perfect little custom workspace unit in the garden for those who are currently working form home
Adaptable Minima Moralia pop-up can be configured in more ways than one with ease
Create your own living and working space with the brilliant and innovative Minima Moralia Pop-Up

The design of each Minima Moralia unit is simple with a smart skylight that brings in natural ventilation, a translucent skin that offers connectivity with the world outside, a highly modular interior in wood that can be rearranged to meet your specific needs and a steel frame that is light and can be easily installed. With a vertical opening that stylishly unfolds to reveal the interior, ample shelf space and a chance for customization, this small delight might well be what you have been looking for in your quest for a cost-effective backyard office!

Vertical unfolding opening and folding main opening of the little modular cabin with translucent skin
View of the Mimima Moralia after sunset with LED strip lighting at its base
Minimal and flexible interior of the Mimima Moralia in wood with a steel frame and translucent skin
Translucent external skin on the Mimima Moralia provides privacy when needed while allowing light to filter in

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