Vintage Wooden Panels, Brick and Ingenuity : Graha Lakon in Indonesia

It is not very often that you see homeowners get involved in the nitty-gritty aspects of home architecture and design. There are fewer occasions when their hobbies and existing collection of art work or eccentric decorative pieces determines the form of the home. Graha Lakon in Indonesia is one such rare instance when Andyrahman Architect combined the lifelong collection of vintage wooden panels, frames and shutters of the homeowner with traditional brick walls, vernacular elements and contemporary ergonomics. It is a fusion that will leave you spellbound!

Contemporary and vintage elements combined to give a cool facade to Indonesian home

Even from the outside one can easily notice that this Indonesian house is a touch different from others in the neighborhood. You can see the old, vintage and colorful wooden panels coupled with brick walls and a dash of greenery give the street façade a unique and exceptional visual appeal. The theme continues on the inside with the entryway showcasing a small wooden bridge, a lovely atrium that fills the lower level with greenery and ventilation welcoming you gleefully. Step inside and you will discover the full collection of wooden panels on display in the dining room, living area and the bedrooms.

Dining room at the home filled with vintage wooden elements
Small sitout with ample natural ventilation
Street facade of Graha Lakon
Vintage panels used throughout the house give it a unique look
Wooden panels and reclaimed shutters give the building a unique facade
A ventilation well with plenty of greenery
Central yard of the Indonesian home with vintage wooden elements

A dedicated home office, staff areas and social zones are interwoven elegantly with one another inside this house even as one sees a raw industrial style being combined with vernacular architecture and the surprisingly beautiful collection of the homeowner. Few homes feel so refreshingly inimitable and welcoming! [Photography: Mansyur Hasan]

Formal meeting room and relaxation area inside the house
Gorgeous illumination and greenery gives the interior a relaxing vibe
Home office with brick walls and vintage wooden panels
Light filled and elegant interior of Graha Lakon
Staff room at the Graha Lakon
Stairway with vintage and industrial elements
Entryway and indoor atrium filled with natural light

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