The ocean can be addictive and once you fall in love with it, staying away can be really, really hard. Designed by Crosson Architects for a homeowner who has spent much of his life in the boat-building industry and on the high seas as well, the F304 House is one that brings life on the ocean to its edge. It was crafted keeping in mind the special needs of a house that sits just a few meters away from the ocean’s edge and also the need to bring nautical design into a contemporary setting. The result is a multi-shelled stunning house where weathered steel and glass on the outside and cozy wooden panels on the inside leave you spellbound.

Dashing contemporary home on the edge of the ocean in New Zealand

This New Zealand house has a design that borrows from the segmented form of a sea crustacean and each shell seems to add more space and style to the interior. It also brings natural light into every part of the house with artificial lighting creating a warm, cozy silhouette after sunset. A wall of glass along with sliding glass doors connects the interior with the elements outside at the rear while the street façade itself remains stoic and private.

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Wooden interior of the home feels cozy and elegant
Amazing view of the beach from the comfort of the bedroom
Bedroom feels much more cozier thanks to the wooden panels on walls
Glass and wood interior of the house with ample natural lighting

Weathered steel not only blends into the colors of the coastline, but also offers a sturdy exterior material that can withstand the damp ocean breeze and its impact for years to come. Just like an old shipping vessel on the ocean’s edge, this is a home that is filled with the spirit of the seas! [Photography: Simon Devitt]

Rusted steel exterior of the house gives the residence a cool, weathered look
Open rear facade of the house clad in glass opens it up towards the ocean
Lighting brings another layer intrigue to the facade of the Fe304 House
Rugged steel exterior of the seaside home

The materiality is also a response to the environment. Weathered like a vessel subjected to long ocean voyages, the rusted steel blends with the colors of the sand and rock and presents its outer shell to the elements as protection. The interior is warm and luxurious, with faceted ply walls and ceilings tracing the planes of the exterior.

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Weathered steel exterior of the oceanside home
Fabulous weathered panels of the house allow it to blend in with the landscape

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