Adding a penthouse structure to an aging building with limited structural integrity can be a hard task indeed. It requires balance, out-of-the-box thinking and an ability to adapt the design to meet the specific needs of the overall structure. Delivering precisely that while wrapping it in a cloak of industrial goodness and plenty of modernity is Atelier Zafari with the gorgeous Floating Penthouse in Berlin. The idea behind this sophisticated penthouse sitting atop a building that was built in the 1970’s was to provide a space that is always in touch with nature and elements. It is a space that blends privacy with openness where one can enjoy beautiful sunrise, sunsets and also the sight of the thriving urban landscape.

Bright and urbane interior of the floating penthouse in Berlin

One feature that makes the penthouse possible is the new wrap-around terrace that offers an additional 40 square meters of space and providing terraces around the main living area that feel liberating. The terrace has been specially designed with a complex steel-frame structure attaching it to the main building. This reduces the load on the building itself and gives the penthouse a ‘floating’ visual appeal. On the inside, it is black that holds sway with large glass windows and metallic walls shaping a refined living environment. [Photography: Werner Huthmacher]

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Gray and black are the colors of choice inside this Berlin penthouse
Light-filled and relaxing penthouse bedroom with stairway next to it
Metal, stone and glass create a smart, contemporary penthouse in Berlin
Metallic structure of the penthouse lets it blend into the industrial neighborhood
Series of specially designed terraces extend the penthouse living area
Wrap-around terrace and smart structure shape a stunning contemporary penthouse
Dark and dashing contemporary kitchen of the Berlin penthouse

Since the existing structure did not have sufficient load capacity to support another storey, one of the core criteria for the design was the avoidance of undue stress on the roof. To achieve this, a volume was developed on the roof with a complex supporting steel-frame structure that was laterally tensioned and tied into the firewalls bounding the sides of the building.

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Dark gray and black give the penthouse interior a unique, sophisticated vibe
Floor plan of the Floating penthouse in Berlin

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