It seems like we have been waiting for spring freshness and summer warmth for so long and now when we look back, the summer is almost over and in some parts of the world, fall is already starting to take shape. Of course, there is still a good chunk of time before fall takes over and now is the time for you to start planning about adding fall goodness to your home. Fall is special in more ways than one. When it comes to home décor, this is a season that demands attention with all the festivities it brings – from Halloween to Thanksgiving. So, why wait to find out about the best fall trends for 2018!

Orange perfectly captures the spirit of fall! [From: McCroskey Interiors / Photography by Chad Jackson]

As always, there are a few trends that will feel like they have been around forever. This is because the tried and tested is easy to embrace and always popular. Then there are a few fall trends that are unique for this year and are shaped by homeowners increasing love for a curated blend of modernity and natural goodness. Balance between these two elements seems to be the key factor in determining décor choices as we head into the second half of the year. So, step in and get inspired –

Gray that Never Fades!

If you thought gray as a ‘hot neutral’ was a design trend that would fade away within a year or two, then you were definitely not alone. But it has been years since and we still see popularity of gray only increasing with each passing season. This fall is no different and if you have still not hopped on the gray bandwagon, then it is high time you do so. Of course, with darker, less sunny months ahead, we suggest you explore lighter shades of gray along with hues like bluish-gray for a bright, sophisticated interior.

It is hard to imagine a more polished Scandinavian style living room in gray!
Perfect balance between gray and white in the kitchen
Polished modern kitchen in dark gray and white
White wood and gray modern apartment in Prague
Bluish-gray is a popular choice in the modern kitchen
Dashing use of gray accent wall in a classy fashion
Gorgeous use of gray coupled with Emerald Green inside the posh Melbourne living room

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Fall Festivities Unleashed

With just three weeks to go before fall is officially here, it might the right time for you to start planning ahead and thinking about those many fall parties you would host over the next few months! This means an overload of festivities and when you think of fall and celebration, orange is a color that is never far away. For those who want that ‘authentic fall appeal’ there is no color better than orange that does the trick. Cheerful, spunky and bold, even a small hint of orange in the room brought in by accent pillows, wall art or decorative vases can make a big difference.

Midcentury patio with a contemporary fireplace in black
Orange accent pillows offer an easy way to add fall beauty to your living room
Contemporary bedroom with a dashing accent wall with orange nightstands
Door in orange for the contemporary entry
Let nature add orange to your home this fall [From: Twinkle and Whistle]

Green, Leafy and Tropical

If you imagined that all the love for green, leafy motifs and tropical-style-inspired patterns would die down with the end of spring and summer, then you are definitely mistaken. This is a year where homeowners have once again fallen in love with ‘natural textures and patterns’ and large, leafy prints are back in trend. Be it a tropical style wallpaper, carefully placed indoor plants or framed botanicals on the wall, you can choose an option that fits your decorating style and budget range. But make sure there is a hint of green in there somewhere!

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Navy Blue Delights

Another color that is often associated with summer because it is ever-present in coastal and back style rooms, navy blue makes a venture into fall this year. Maybe you want to keep the summer charm going indoors with a nautical style bedroom or a polished, beach style home office. Maybe it is because homeowners are simply unable to let go of blue even beyond summer or maybe because the color is so very versatile – no matter what the reason is, you are bound to find plenty of dark, navy blue in both the decorating and fashion world this fall.

Navy blue and gray for the exterior creates a show-stopping facade! [From: First Street Builders]
Navy blue and white is a color combination perfect for the nautical style bedroom
Polished use of navy blue in the beach style bedroom
Sophisticated contemporary bathroom utilizes different shades of blue [From: Ippolito Fleitz Group – Identity Architects]
Bright and bold navy blue couch with a velvety finish
Brilliant use of different shades of blue in the kids’ room

Dark Wooden Finishes

Speaking of dark and dashing, this is the time to move away from the more modest, lighter wooden finishes in your home and embrace something deeper and darker. Dark wooden finishes help shape a stylish focal point that is also warm and unique. From a floating wooden vanity in the bathroom to an eye-catching entertainment unit in the living room, take your pick and explore the darker side!+

Custom wooden vanity for the midcentury modern bathroom
Dark kitchen island that is already draped in wood
Spacious contemporary bathroom with lovely floating wooden vanity
Wooden block brings warmth to the contemporary kitchen
Wooden entertainment unit set against whitewashed brick wall
Bookshelves crafted using dark wooden elements make a big impact

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