Sensational Backyard Reading Retreat Offers a World of Serene Escape

A relaxing backyard that offers a tranquil refuge amidst the urban rush that surrounds us is a refuge that we all seek. But few among us actually have the privilege of enjoying such a serene escape. Transforming an unruly and wild backyard into a sensational and polished hangout that also comes with a spacious deck, firepit and sauna, Board & Vellum Architecture and Design altered this modern Seattle home dramatically. The homeowners wanted to turn their backyard covered with vegetation into a reading retreat that could also host friends and family when needed.

Relaxing backyard oasis with hot tub, firepit and a shower area

The backyard reading retreat is a deceivingly simple name for this shed-styled backyard addition that has it all! Homeowners can enjoy a fun and rejuvenating evening here, get away from the mundane and also turn the space into a party zone when needed. A series of smart bookshelves line the walls of the interior as large glass windows connecting it visually with the wooden deck outside. A loft bedroom and a tufted bay window seat with storage provide additional options which allow the retreat to multitask with ease.

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Backyard with vegetation transformed into a relaxing shed and hangout
Fireplace and the sauna help create a more relaxing outdoor hangout
Gorgeous and unique backyard hangout for modern Seattle home
Modern shed-styled backyard reading retreat
Window seat offers a great view of the deck outside
Series of bookshelves and a relaxing daybed next to the window

On the outside one finds a shower area along with a sauna and a firepit, and this space feels like a natural extension of the interior. With the neighboring home containing a tree designated as an ‘exceptional tree’ by the city, the architects took all the care in the world to ensure the structure did it absolutely no damage whatsoever. A perfect escape, if there ever was one!

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Modern bathroom in black and white with geo pattern
Smart use of space and natural light gives the interior a spacious appeal
Wallpaper on the ceiling and gray walls of the modern interior
Wallpapered ceiling adds a special visual treat to the interior
Geometric wall covering and floating vanity for the modest bathroom
Glazed sliding glass doors connect the shed with the deck outside
Loft level bedroom for the backyard reading retreat

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