A beach house is the perfect way to get away from it all – especially for those who love warm weather, sun, sand and surf! Beach houses have taken a turn from the traditional coastal style with a beachy vibe to homes that are far more contemporary, polished and have an ability to serve as a yearlong primary residence. Combining this idea of urban sophistication with spectacular views of the Southern Ocean and the distant beach, the Fairhaven Beach House by John Wardle Architects is both spectacular and serene! The idea behind the design of this beach house on a ridge above the Great Ocean Road in Victoria is to frame different views and to bring them together in a curated fashion to give those instead the most captivating visual experience.

Fairhaven Beach House in the Great Ocean Road

It is easy to fall in love with this Aussie beach house not just because of the views on offer but also thanks to the interior that is entirely draped in wood. There is almost a sculptural appeal about it wall; with the wooden interior morphing and changing as it meanders through the different rooms. Every space inside the three-level home is blessed with beautiful views of the distant sea and the landscape just outside. An even more breathtaking aspect of the escape is the study that cantilevers above the main house and extends outside in a striking manner.

Woodsy and modern interior of the beach house
Bedroom with a view of the distant rugged coastline
Elegant wooden interiors of the Beach House add to its overall appeal
View of the Ocean from the minimal and cozy dining area
View of the South Sea and coastline from the Beach House

Nothing feels excessive inside the house with minimalism holding sway. A large couch in yellow adds color to the living area even as the highlight of this getaway undoubtedly remains the world outside and how it is brought indoors! [Photography: Trevor Mein]

Dramatic cantilevered study of the beach house in gray
Design of the house feels like scenography with views framed beautifully
First Level floor plan of Fairhaven Beach House
Ground floor plan of the gorgeous beach house
Basement floor plan with laundry, garage and utility rooms

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