Nestled on the West Coast of Phuket and sitting in the heart of Tambon Patong, the Kalim Beach House is a stunning escape that offers mesmerizing views of the iconic coastline, the distant Andaman Sea and unforgettable sunsets. The hillside house sits on a tight lot where architects from design Qua had to come up with unique solutions that maximized vertical space. Working around tough corners and features that limited the overall form of the expansive house, the new interior is filled with ample light even while keeping out the hot tropical sun.

Curved pool, fabulous bamboo screens and amazing views on sunset in the Andaman Sea shape this Thai home

The most prominent and beautiful feature of the residence is undoubtedly the curved pool that sits just outside the living area and the outdoor hangout. The pool reflects the house and the sky when still and a dip in here each evening gives the homeowners a view of sun setting into the Andaman Sea along with the many unforgettable hues that it brings. Next to the pool and the deck is the open living area which is connected with the outdoors using a series of sliding glass doors. With a smart kitchen and dining area, this is the central social zone of the house.

Breathtaking views of the Bay and beyond from the curved infinity pool
Closer look at the unique bamboo shades at the Thai home
Colorful sofas for the open plan living area
Freestanding bathtub in white for the concrete contemporary bathroom
Sliding glass doors delineate the living area from the deck and pool easily
Smart placement of moving bamboo shades inside the Kalim Beach House
Special demands of the hillside lot create stunning Kalim Beach House
Staircase leading to the living areas and courtyard on the lower level

Four bedrooms, bathrooms and additional guest and utility spaces complete the home where a series of bamboo shades and operable blinds keep out blazing heat and sunshine. Sheltered courtyards and walkways around the house, concrete walls and woodsy finishes put the final touches on a spectacular residence that drapes you in luxury. [Photography: Levi Wells]

Stone kitchen island at the Kalim Beach House
View from the sky of the Kalim Beach House powered by solar panels
Wonderful use of concrete, wood and bamboo inside the Kalim Beach House
Bamboo screens offer ample shade throughout the house and keep away tropical sun
Bedroom with sunset views and Andaman sea at the Kalim Beach

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