Nestled in the ‘more Italian’ part of Switzerland and in the municipality of Corippo is the beautiful and one-of-a-kind Casa Lucciola Renovation designed by Rafael Schmid Architekten. The fabulous little holiday home with stone walls on the outside and a wood and white modern interior was once an animal barn that survived many poorly crafted makeovers over time. Originally built in 1850, the holiday home currently feels both modern and rustic at the same time with it interior featuring a variety of space-saving solutions that can be easily translated to small contemporary apartments. The entire makeover feels both chic and classy as it preserves the past while also welcoming modernity.

Stone exterior of the barns has been carefully preserved and improved

Space was the biggest issue inside this small vacation retreat that offers picturesque views of the landscape around it. The problem was solved using a series of custom décor additions in wood that morph in different rooms to serve various tasks. With box-styled wooden steps that provide additional storage, a dining table and chairs in wood, bespoke wooden cabinets and benches in the same wood, the backdrop feels monochromatic and comfy. Color is almost non-existent in here with white being used in every room. It is the lower level in both the barns that contain the living area, kitchen and dining while the upper levels hold the bedrooms and bathrooms. [Photography: Rafael Schmid]

Gorgeous stone walls of the animal barns built in 1850 still stand proudly as the hold a new holiday home
Upper levels of the holiday home blend into the landscape seamlessly
Box-styled steps and series of wooden cabinets maximize space inside the small holiday home in Switzerland
Custom wooden decor inside the holiday home give it a monochromatic and space-savvy backdrop
Living area, kitchen and dining of sustainable holiday house in Switzerland
White and wood dining area and kitchen of Casa Lucciola Renovation in Switzerland

The home is fully self-sustaining. The electricity is generated through solar panels and water is directly taken out of a freshwater spring that flows next to the houses. The design supports the modern-day lifestyle in a secluded location while embracing engagement with the surrounding nature.

Small and cozy bedroom on the upper level makes most of limited space on offer
Bathroom inside the vacation home in Switzerland feels modern and has a splash of color thanks to floor tiles
Wood and white living area of the converted barn is filled with natural light
Ground level floor plan of Casa Lucciola Renovation in Switzerland
Upper level floor plan of animal barn turned into sustainable home

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