There is something undeniably magenta about an abstract building with modern minimal design that draws you to it almost instantly. They feel like brilliant works of art; masterpieces that stand out from the crowd and light up a world dominate by simpler squares and rectangles. Nestled in the picturesque and majestic backdrop of Oppdal in central Norway, the Diamanten Cabin designed by A38 Arkitekter feels like one such exceptional home. The eye-catching cabin sits on snow-covered slopes and you can easily spot it even from a distance. Combining minimalism with traditional Nordic design, the cabin aims to revamp the idea of a traditional mountain home.

Diamanten Cabin stands like a brilliant work on modern art on the snow-clad slopes

The exterior of the cabin has a certain geometric charm about it with dark wood, glass and metal shaping it. Even more impressive is the sturdy central column that supports the entire weight of the cabin and allows it to hover slightly above the ground. This not only gives the structure a futuristic appeal but also ensures that it is minimally intrusive and is eco-friendly. Leaving the lot largely untouched, the cabin seems to levitate when viewed from one of the mountain sides that conceals the supporting column.

Stunning Diamanten Cabin designed by A38 Arkitekter in Oppdal, Norway
Bedroom of the Diamanten Cabin with amazing views of the mountains around it
Fabulous modern minimal cabin set among classic woodsy mountain homes in Norway
Geometric design of the cabin exterior makes for an impressive addition
Large floor-to-ceiling glass windows bring the spectacular views inside the cabin

On the inside things are equally contemporary and minimal with large windows and doors bringing the outdoors into the living space, bedroom and the kitchen. Captivating, creative and planet-friendly, this is a diamond in the mountains unlike anything else. [Photography: Martin Innerdal Dalen]

Minimal and sleek external frame of the Diamanten Cabin in Oppdal, Central Norway
Slim yet sturdy column offers support to the entire cabin and makes it eco-friendly

Right from the start, we were fascinated by the idea of creating a piece of modern architecture that could form a contrast with the age-old, beautiful wooden buildings as well as holding its own as a building.

Snow-covered landscape and classic mountain homes provide the perfect backdrop for the modern minimal cabin

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