Apple Tree Terrace is a minimalist residence located in Dublin, Ireland, designed by Scullion Architects. Given the site’s limited width, essential features such as the kitchen, courtyard, staircase, stove, and study are meticulously positioned along the perimeters, sometimes gravitating toward the central part of the design. The continuity between indoor and outdoor spaces is beautifully achieved through the use of handmade terracotta floor tiles, which give the impression of a carpet extending across the property. At the ground level, blockwork and on-site poured concrete have been employed judiciously as the main structural elements. The upper layer of the house boasts a larch-clad timber frame that integrates the floor, walls, and roof. One of the standout features of this revamped dwelling is its adaptability. During the warmer months, the hardwood doors can be fully opened to the courtyard and folded back toward the end of the house. This allows the core concrete structure to be prominently showcased, almost like a standalone pavilion, nestled between the party walls and serving as a transitional space from the home to the garden.

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