House on the Air is a minimalist residence located in Valencia, Spain, designed by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos. This region witnesses the daily dance of the sun, casting its golden hues on the horizon, and the architectural designs here are specifically tailored to amplify this visual treat. The architectural approach in this region hinges on creating a protective cocoon that also allows for the unhindered viewing of the surrounding scenic beauty. One of the standout features is the design’s response to the sloping terrain. Instead of resisting the natural incline, the buildings appear as if they’ve naturally settled into their surroundings. The foundation, inspired by the grey stones indigenous to the area, provides a stable base for the structures.

Notably, the name ‘Zahara’ is derived from the Arabic term ‘Sahara’, hinting at its rocky essence. This foundational design not only anchors the building but also positions it to capture the mesmerizing sunsets reflecting off the Atlantic Ocean. On the other end of the structure is a tranquil courtyard, specifically designed to offer a refuge from Tarifa’s gusty winds. It also serves as an entrance to the supplementary rooms of the residence. The building’s layout is strategic: the main living area sits centrally, offering unobstructed views from the northwest to the southeast. Flanking this central space are the sleeping quarters, ensuring both stability for the structure and privacy for its inhabitants.

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