Kelleveld is a minimalist residence located in Hoeilaart, Belgium, designed by Mamout in collaboration with Stéphanie Willocx. Envisioned as a transparent retreat enveloped by nature, the house stood as a testament to minimalist architecture and design. Over the years, as the house changed hands, new owners introduced modifications. What once was a translucent sanctuary gradually became obscured with added structures, moving further away from Loze’s initial vision. Today, there’s a renewed endeavor to rekindle the essence and integrity of the original design. The project has tackled the challenge head-on, meticulously stripping away incongruous additions.

In a notable transformation, the previously underutilized garage, semi-submerged in the landscape, now houses additional bedrooms. To enhance the connectivity between the house’s various sections, a redesigned stair-tunnel now serves as the backbone of vertical movement. It seamlessly links the split levels, culminating at the revamped garage space. A significant change can also be seen in the surrounding landscape. The garden, once a separate entity, now melds effortlessly with the house. Taking inspiration from a “naturalist punk” theme, it boasts an eclectic mix of plant species. This intentional design eliminates any palpable boundaries between the internal living space and the external environment, fostering an uninterrupted communion with nature.

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