Los Durmientes is a minimalist home located in Valle de Bravo, Mexico, designed by Bernardo Chavez Peón. The homeowners, during their initial visits, expressed a desire for simplicity, mentioning they’d be satisfied even with a basic tent-like structure. The architect’s vision went beyond just the structure; it was about creating a space that harmoniously blended with the site itself. Central to the design was the dissolution of boundaries between the indoors and the outdoors. Instead of the usual distractions like television, the home encourages dwellers to engage with nature, watching the sun’s movement, the dance of the rain, or the gentle ebb and flow of mist. Interior spaces are meticulously designed to either subtly frame nature or completely open up to it, welcoming the temperate environment. Peón speaks of nature as the guiding force behind the design choices.

He remarks, that nature provided the color palette, emphasizing a conscious decision to not overshadow it with alien materials. The residence was envisioned as a tranquil retreat, a place where family and friends could momentarily forget the urban hustle and reconnect. Practicality was also at the forefront of the design. Instead of a grand dining hall, the house boasts cozier dining spaces suitable for intimate family dinners. However, the residence is well-equipped to host larger gatherings. Floor-to-ceiling windows separating indoor and outdoor spaces can be opened, creating a unified ambiance, making both groups feel connected. One of the residence’s standout features is its pool. Visible from the primary areas of the house, it mirrors the sky, capturing the movement of clouds. Immersing oneself in it, one feels an intrinsic connection to the earth, further emphasizing the home’s deep bond with nature.

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