This week we revealed this year’s Burning Man temple

2023 Burning Man temple

This week on Dezeen, we revealed renderings of the temple that will form the centrepiece of this year’s annual Burning Man festival in Nevada, USA.

Currently under construction at the Burning Man site, the timber structure conceived by designers Ela Madej and Reed Finlay will be called Temple of Heart.

According to the designers, the twelve-pointed star-shaped structure topped by a spire is intended to resemble an “upside-down desert flower with a stem pointing up into the sky”.

Exterior of the San Siro stadium in MilanExterior of the San Siro stadium in Milan
This week the San Siro was saved from demolition

In other architecture news this week, we reported that the iconic San Siro stadium in Milan has been saved from demolition due to the structure’s “cultural heritage”.

However, in the USA another significant piece of architecture was under threat, with the Cape Cod Modern House Trust launching a campaign to save modernist architect Marcel Breuer’s holiday home in Cape Cod from likely demolition.

The non-profit is aiming to raise $1.2 million to purchase the Hungarian-American architect’s own summer house in the 1940s, from his son Tomas Breuer.

A rendering of skyscrapers and Downtown CircleA rendering of skyscrapers and Downtown Circle
We rounded up nine examples of outlandish architecture

Following the proposal for a classical, Colosseum-informed stadium in the British city of Bath, we rounded up eight other examples of highly ambitious projects that are unlikely to be realised.

These included several proposals for Dubai such as the Downtown Circle (pictured), which would be built around the Burj Khalifa, and The Loop, which would be a 93-kilometre-long covered cycleway.

Arne Jacosen's Egg ChairArne Jacosen's Egg Chair
The founders of Pearson Lloyd criticised how Arne Jacobsen’s Egg was made

In design news, the founders of design studio Pearson Lloyd criticised classic concave chairs like Arne Jacobsen’s Egg and Eero Saarinen’s Womb, stating that they don’t meet today’s definition of good design as they use glued upholstery.

“People still hold up the Egg chair as an icon of design, even though it’s made of textile glued onto foam and moulded onto metal, making it almost impossible to repair or recycle,” Tom Lloyd told Dezeen.

AI-design by Tim FuAI-design by Tim Fu
Tim Fu spoke to Dezeen about “neoclassical futurism”

Continuing our AItopia series, we spoke to designer Tim Fu who predicted that artificial intelligence could “bring back the beauty and aesthetics of the classical era”.

We also looked at how architecture bodies are responding to “real risks” of AI.

Lime Wash House by Chris Collaris ArchitectsLime Wash House by Chris Collaris Architects
A house with an oversized roof was one of this week’s most popular projects

Projects that turned readers’ heads this week included a house in the Netherlands with an oversized roof, a ziggurat-shaped cafe in South Korea and a skyscraper designed by the late German-American architect Helmut Jahn.

Our latest lookbooks spotlighted sunny yellow interiors and rooms with in-built beds.

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