You don’t have to break the bank or your blow up your credit score to give modern, delightful gifts! The little, thoughtful things are always some of our favorites – whether they’re found peeking out the top of our stocking or wrapped up with a bow. Here we’re sharing 10 modern gifts that slip in under the $25 mark and will definitely be standouts!

cherry-shaped bottle stopper in a bottle of wine

Perhaps the sweetest wine stopper to ever exist, this cute little cherry is an iconic novelty they’ll get lots of use out of for years to come. Measuring 5″ x 2″, its presence will be known no matter if the wine bottle is on the table or tucked away on a shelf. It includes a rubber ring to prevent pesky leaks that like to happen at the most inopportune times.

two farfalle-shaped pot holders and their packaging

We know there’s someone out there daydreaming about pot holders shaped like pasta, and we bet they’re on your gift list. This set of two are shaped like butterfly pasta, or farfalloni, and add a lot of fun to pulling dinner out of the oven. Their unique shape adds extra heat-resistance by placing a double layer of silicone between hot dishes and pans and your skin. Food grade, BPA-free, and even dishwasher-safe, these pot holders will charm anyone who spends time in the kitchen.

traditional yellow taxi made of LEGOs

Kitschy and forever linked to New York City, invite someone to create their own street adventure with this LEGO Yellow Taxi! The vehicle features an ad on the roof, side-view mirrors, license plates, and turning rubber wheels. Made using a total of 124 pieces, this is a great gift to have on hand for car lovers, kiddos, and unexpected guests!

light-skinned person with light brown hair models a red and white mushroom hair clip

Hair clips are trending in a big way, and we absolutely love those that have a big personality – like this mini mushroom hair claw. Made from cellulose acetate, a plant-based alternative to plastic, it’s handmade and hand-painted, making each one-of-a-kind. The clip’s size – 2″ x 1.5″ – is perfect for a half up, half down style or any other creative look they can come up with.

three thin white notebooks with colorful stitching standing up

Birch Bark is a simple, elegant 3-pack of notebooks from the ever-popular Field Notes brand. Like the birch tree itself, each is protected, in this case with speckled 110# Mohawk Loop “Snow” cover stock that has just a hint of warm grey. The seasonal changes the leaves go through as the year passes are reflected in green, yellow, and black staples and in the graph colors of the 60# Finch Opaque paper.

four cocktail picks with fruit shapes on the end of each

These cocktail picks will make their signature drink look even tastier. The set of four gold picks each feature a different piece of fruit colored with an enamel finish adorning one end. The picks measure 4″ long, the ideal size for garnishing everything from a dirty martini to a Shirley Temple. Just try to avoid being tempted to keep them for yourself!

three light pink one hitters on a white background

This 3-pack of handcrafted one-hitters – intended for use with dry herbs/flowers where legal – feature a sleek, tapered design that’s minimal with a good hand feel. The lucky recipient can hide them away to use one at a time, or share with friends. There’s a variety of colors to choose from, we’re just partial to the pink.

brown-skinned hand places a wood air freshener on a sun visor

This is nothing like your standard car air freshener. For the sophisticate on your gift list, Drift’s wood fresheners combine functional design with their designer grade scents. The modern take on the green, tree-shaped cardboard is a definite upgrade, made with sustainable wood and magnetized to fit on a car’s window visor with a metal clip. Soaked in essential oil blends, each one provides good smells and good looks, free of harmful chemicals.

multicolor flat-pack chicken ornament hanging against a mint green background

We love gifting ornaments, especially ones that can be hung elsewhere (a plant, a doorknob, etc.) during the rest of the year. This chicken ornament arrives flat-packed and includes two sheets of vegetable ink printed, recycled cardboard. You – or they! – only need to pop out and assemble the little 3D craftwork. And if chickens aren’t their thing, there are other options to choose from.

smart phone camera converter attachment

Most of us rely on our smartphones for snapping more photos than we ever did on 35mm film. This vintage looking converter slides on to mimic a camera shutter, making their phone feel more like a point-and-shoot camera and providing a more comfortable, balanced experience. There’s even a shutter button, activated by the phone’s Bluetooth, and the ability to mount the grip to a traditional screw-in tripod. Watch out Annie Leibovitz!

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