A Construction Company’s New HQ Highlights Common Materials

Construction elements, such as brick, concrete, metal mesh, and lines of color-coded wires, aren’t typically viewed as aesthetic materials, but architecture firm Superlimão made them the highlight of this modern day office. The construction company, Escritório da Engenharia in São Paulo, tasked Superlimão to design a space that was adaptable to hybrid work routines, for both in-person and remote work. In creating the new headquarters, the studio gave prominence to these industrial elements, maintaining the rawness of the materials but using them in eye-catching ways that create surprising corners everywhere you turn.

corner seating area with pink sofas next to window

corner seating area with pink sofas next to window

bleacher style seating in modern office

The office features an event space for lectures and external events. Bleacher style seating creates a casual environment for guests and employees. Behind it sits a podcast recording studio clad in terracotta bricks with front row seats to all events.

bleacher style seating in modern office

podcast recording studio

rows of tables with privacy screens

office tables next to windows

Superlimão placed booths, lounges, and break rooms around the perimeter of the building with the intention that these spaces for short-term stays wouldn’t be occupied for very long because the sunlight and heat here are very prevalent. This also allows for circulation to flow and because these areas aren’t closed off, natural lighting is able to stream through to create a more pleasant work environment.

A view of Pico do Jaraguá, the highest point of São Paulo, can also be enjoyed by all.

hallway in office with brick wall

conference rooms in modern office

rows of workstations with blue privacy screens

rows of workstations with blue privacy screens

hallway in office with green plants sticking through metal mesh

Mesh metal screens used in the concreting of slabs are found throughout the office, atypical of how they are usually hidden.

closed off conference room

closed off conference room opening up

closed off conference room opening up

A corner office is made flexible and adaptable for different work needs with a sliding privacy screen that can be opened up fully when conferences are not in session, allowing natural light to flow through.

closed off conference room opening up

fully opened up conference room

meeting booth with breezeway blocks

privacy booth with breezeway blocks

Breezeway blocks add a geometric, graphic pattern to this privacy booth in the same way wallpaper does. Outside, the patch of exposed wiring seen through a glass floor is another nod to the typical scenes found in construction.

privacy booth with breezeway blocks

exposed wiring on floor

meeting room with greenery hung above

Pots of plants line the ceiling, ferns and trees pop out from their industrial backgrounds, and a “tunnel” of flower beds act as a natural brise soleil by filtering the light.

meeting room with terracotta brick wall

office floor plan

Photography by Israel Gollino.

As the Senior Contributing Editor, Vy Yang is obsessed with discovering ways to live well + with intention through design. She’s probably sharing what she finds over on Instagram stories. You can also find her at vytranyang.com.

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