luxury white marble coffee tableIn recent years, marble has transitioned from a classic interior design choice to a fabulous feature for even the most contemporary of homes. From walls to flooring to luxury furniture, its unrivalled versatility makes marble the ultimate addition to any space. And this isn’t just down to its natural beauty; marble is wonderfully practical, too. Looking to create a low-maintenance, unique, or simply more natural-feeling environment? When it comes to styling with stone, you really can have it all. In this blog post, we’re going to look at five ways to enhance your home using marble with some exquisite examples available at Juliettes Interiors.

1. Marble Flooring

You need only look at its presence in places like palaces, great halls and cathedrals to understand just how durable this stone can be – not to mention the breathtaking sculptures and architecture of Ancient Greece that are still standing to this day. Marble has long been desired for its longevity, making it an excellent choice for even the busiest areas of your home. Despite properly maintained marble being scratch-resistant, it’s never more than a professional polish away from the original finish. But a high-shine is not the only option available. While it’s excellent for reflecting natural light, light-coloured matte marble can also enhance the overall brightness of a room. Alternatively, you might opt for a dark colour to absorb any light for a dramatic effect.

2. Marble Walls

Marble walls are the perfect solution when looking to create a good-looking, yet low-maintenance home. In addition to its organic beauty, the stone’s natural resilience makes it ideal for worktops and splashbacks – eliminating the need for intensive cleaning. But gone are the days of marble being confined to the walls of kitchens and bathrooms. According to biophilic design principles, incorporating natural elements – like stone and daylight – into our homes can help us to feel more aligned with nature. In turn, this leads to increased creativity, reduced stress, and an improvement in overall wellbeing – making marble an equally great option for office spaces and living areas. 

3. Tables

In addition to its robustness and ability to aid us in living a more connected life, marble offers a sense of inherent luxury. Its timeless aesthetic appeal means it simply cannot fall out of style. What’s more, as a natural material, every piece of this stone is one of a kind. This makes it the obvious interior design choice for those who like to stand out, which is why a marble dining table or coffee table is a must! As a large, often central piece of furniture, a table is likely the first thing to catch the eye upon entering a space. Having a main focal point such as this can not only help to balance your interior, but also set the tone of elegance and opulence for the rest of the room.

4. Lighting

As a exquisitely versatile material, marble can fit into any interior with ease. Minimalist or maximalist, classic or contemporary, you can always rely on marble to suit a space. As a result, it’s particularly useful for the more permanent features in your home, including floors, walls, and of course, luxury lighting. Often reminiscent of real-life monuments and architectural designs, a marble lamp could almost be considered a sculpture in its own right. Due to its unique veining and reflective surfaces, marble is also a powerful tool for optimising light. And whilst certain kinds allow light to pass directly through them, marble is also a superb diffuser for softer, more ambient environments.

5. Other Furniture

Marble may make for a superior centrepiece, but that doesn’t mean other luxury furniture cannot also bask in its glory. Regularly used pieces, such as nightstands and console tables, that may be quicker to show signs of wear could benefit from using this hardy material for its surface. On the other hand, you might opt for marble pieces simply because they look amazing!Marvellous marble is making its way into every corner of our homes, and we’re more than obliged to let it take over! However you decide to style your space with stone, find the perfect solution at Juliettes Interiors. From our expert interior design service to luxury furniture collections, we have something to offer every kind of brief – whether you’re looking for a stand-alone piece, or to start an entire new project!

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