Bridgerton is back – this time as a spin-off following Queen Charlotte’s remarkable life. And, much like the original Netflix series, it has captured our hearts in more ways than one. Featuring an epic love story and a unique glimpse into Regency-era England, it has all the opulence, romance, and of course, drama one would expect! In addition to fabulous performances, the show boasts lavish costumes, stunning locations and some of the grandest interiors imaginable – reigniting our obsession with this timelessly charming style. In this blog post, we are going to look at how to draw inspiration from the latest series to breathe an air of Bridgerton – or ‘regencycore’ – style into your home.

A Grand Entrance

Entrances play an important role throughout the entire Bridgerton series, often setting the tone for what’s to come. In fact, the very start of the title sequence depicts the young Charlotte arriving at Kew Palace by horse-drawn carriage. Grand entryways or halls provide an excellent opportunity to create a strong first impression in your home. This could be achieved through the addition of statement pieces, such as an ornate chandelier or a round table. Alternatively, a gilded mirror will also reflect any other impressive features – like dramatic staircases and decorative columns or mouldings.

Romantic Living Spaces

Bridgerton is most-loved for its scenes of romance and passion, which can also be emulated in your home. Infuse your living space with sumptuous upholstery in pastel shades of blush pink, lilac and powder blue, using traditional florals, delicate embroidery and damask prints can enhance its amorous appeal. And whilst original Georgian seating can be rather formal, a plush sofa offers a seamless blend of period and contemporary lifestyle. Complete the look with antique-style accessories, including side tables, candelabra, and porcelain ornaments. 

Regal Dining Experiences

Much of Charlotte’s story centres around an extravagant dining table. Indeed, some of the show’s most memorable moments take place over – or rather, on – it! The dining table dates back as far as ancient Egypt – used by nobles to display their wealth and status – and remains widely regarded as a symbol of tradition and sophistication today. To recreate this rather regal setting in true Bridgerton style, choose a large, elongated dining table and accessorise with comfortable cushioned chairs. Low lighting will also work to achieve a warm and inviting ambience perfect both for entertaining and relaxing.

A Boudoir’s Whimsy

Of course, most intimate scenes take place in the privacy of the boudoir. And you can channel all the romance and whimsy of the show into your very own dreamy bedroom retreat. Whether you decide to go all-out with a fabulous four-poster bed and flowing curtains, or scale it back to exquisite simplicity and soft hues, each piece in our luxury beds collection is built to a breathtaking standard. And what’s a Bridgerton-style boudoir without a delicate dressing table or ever-flattering floor-length mirror? Not to mention the statement chaise longue! While it’s not necessarily desirable to achieve an exact replica, accenting your home with some of the show’s key ingredients create a sense of refined Bridgerton glamour. By paying attention to details like statement pieces, pastel shades, pure luxury and exquisite quality, you can fashion a space fit for Queen Charlotte, herself!

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