This Tiny Swedish Cottage is a Perfect Summer Oasis!

I can never resist a tiny living space – especially when they are this pretty! This cottage is located in Slottsskogskolonien – Sweden’s second oldest allotment! It is a mere 19 m2 (204 ft2) but has everything you might need for the weekends and holidays. In the entrance, simple hooks and shelves serve as a makeshift hallway and a dining space is bathed in daylight. Step into the main living room, and an open-plan kitchen and living room offer a place to chill. At night, it’s time to climb the ladder to a cosy nest in the rooftop and snuggle up for the night! The owners also have shared access to an onsite communal bathroom. 
At these allotment cottages, the real magic happens outside though. After all, the purpose of them is to provide a garden in the city for those without. The plot provides a place to grow flowers, fruit and vegetables, as well as dine al fresco all summer long surrounded by the sweet scent of lilac! 
Ready to look around? Välkommen! 
High shelves above the windows provide extra storage space for books and other small treasures. 

Built-in seating helps to maximise space – and can also offer more storage underneath. 

Notice how the underside of the table has been painted Klein blue – this seems to be the theme this week (check out Wednesday’s Danish home tour!). I love the idea of using paint to bring in the latest trends, it’s a sustainable way of keeping your home upon to date! 
A traditional Swedish sofa and two simple wicker chairs ensure a social area in the main living room area, while a little spot under the roof serves as extra storage. 

A simple wooden ladder leads to the sleep loft. 
It took me several goes through these pictures before I noticed the door above! It conceals a storage cupboard. 
I love the use of two-toned wood panelling in the kitchen! Note how this panelling is beaded for a more traditional look. 

How lovely. I could sit in that spot in the garden all weekend, how about you? 

Here’s an idea of the layout: 

Glossary: kök – kitchen, stuga – cabin, förråd – storage. 
Speaking of small spaces, Per is headed up to our little cabin this evening, while I travel to Karlshamn in Blekinge (it’s a beautiful part of the world which I once covered in this travel guide) for my daughter Liv’s swimming gala. Fingers crossed for her – I know she’s a little nervous! 
I hope you have some fun plans too! 
In the meantime, I’ll leave you with some of these beautiful tours from the small space archive: 
This allotment cottage is a true summer oasis
A charming allotment cottage in Malmö, Sweden
A beautiful allotment cottage in summertime
See you Monday!
Photography courtesy of Kvarteret Mäkleri – where it is currently for sale! 

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