Are you a book lover? I love a good read. Novels, autobiographies and biographies, design books…. basically anything that catches my attention. And of course, being the author of three books, with a new one coming out in January 2024 (exciting!), tomes hold a very special place in my heart!
Even so, in most of the homes we see there may be a shelf or bookcase dedicated to books here and there – but I think this is the first home I have shared with books around every corner!
Step inside this apartment in Södermalm Stockholm and you’ll discover a library, a study that also could pass as a library and even an entire wall dedicated to books in the bedroom. Could the owners be ‘Scandi noir’ writers or work in the literary or publishing world? Or perhaps they are historians? I’ll leave you to decide. Either way, their lovely home offers some great inspiration if you’re looking to store a large collection of books!
This bookshelf is really clever as it helps to shield the desk from the living room area – meaning you can switch off from your work at the end of the day. Plus, from personal experience, you feel so much more comfortable and calm sitting at a desk where you have a clear view of the outside and entrance to the room (it goes back to olden days when we’d need to keep an eye out for potential threats).
I also love how they have used mini String shelves as desk storage.
The library occupies the central room in the home. Bespoke bookshelves ensure no space is left uncovered, ensuring maximum use of space!
The only question I have is, how do they reach the books that are higher up? Perhaps they have some library steps somewhere?


Book columns like the one seen below are a good way to make the most of narrow spaces.
How wonderful – and a perfect way to wrap up the blog week!
I’d love to hear your thoughts.
Please do also share any great book tips you might have. After all, summer is on its way!
Would you like to see a few other homes with great libraries and / or bookshelf ideas? Here are a few I love:
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Have a fantastic weekend friends! I hope the sun shines for you!
Photography by Elin Sylwan, styled by Petra Yngfalk for Historiska Hem. 

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