A Romantic Swedish Country Home in Summertime

There’s something very special about July in Sweden. The lush green of the countryside. The flowers in full bloom. The chorus of the birds and insects going about their work. Little wonder Swedes press the pause button for a few weeks to take it all in. 
I felt this country house perfectly captured the essence of the Swedish summer cottage. It’s about leading a back-to-basics lifestyle where the days are shaped around a dip in the sea or lake, slow coffee, long lunches and reading a book under a tree. The beauty of the summer cottage interior lies in the imperfection and simplicity, allowing the vibrancy of the surroundings to take centre stage. 
I’d be perfectly happy to sit at any one of the desks in this house in the name of work but more likely simply gaze out of the moth blown windows. Oh, and if you love wallpaper, you’re in for a treat too!  Welcome to a lovely country house northeast of Stockholm. 
There’s something poetic about this house, don’t you think? 
Are there any details that caught your eye? 
There are so many great Swedish wallpaper brands. Two that are worth checking out are Boråstapeter and Sandberg. William Morris is also popular, although not Swedish of course! 
Here are a few more country homes to tour today (just in case I’ve got you in the mood): 
A dated house transformed into a beautiful country home
A cosy country home in the North of Sweden
An idyllic red and white swedish farmhouse
Do you have a similar style of celebrating summer in the country where you live? 
Have a great start to the week. 
Photography courtesy of Historiska Hem

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