Vibia’s Plusminus lighting system is as versatile as they come, providing architects and designers with the opportunity to create customized illumination within interior spaces. Together with Diez Office, the brand has fabricated a bespoke collection that features a fabric belt and various light fittings to lend individual style through contemporary technology. Plusminus eliminates the usual differences between pendant, sconce, and floor lights through the use of elements that can be adjusted, attached, or removed as desired or required.

adjustable lighting system that uses "belts" to add and subtract pendants

There are six different light sources that give Plusminus its unique versatility when attached to the fabric belt: sphere, semisphere, cone, spotlight, linear diffuser, and linear low UGR. A series of anchors and fixings maintain the desired configuration of the belt with the attached lights chosen. The separate elements of the lighting system are articulated to elevate the functional to become a feature, allowing it to become part of the architecture itself.

detail of adjustable lighting system that uses "belts" to add and subtract pendants

The specially developed fabric belt provides both support and electrical conductivity, with the lights attached in an intuitive way using a simple clip-and-connect system. When loose, the belt traces elegant compositions within the desired space, adding to its sculptural character. Tension in the belt creates an architectural presence that can function as a space divider or artistic installation in vertical configurations.

adjustable lighting system that uses "belts" to add and subtract pendants

The Plusminus system is a toolkit for lighting solutions, equally suitable for creating intimate lighting in the home or elaborate light sculptures in public buildings. Choose from four available belt colors within Vibia’s color palette: Black, Blue, Terra Red, and Green to draw bold architectural structures. Recently, a beige finish was added to the collection, adding a more versatile and timeless alternative to the four existing finishes.

To learn more about Vibia’s Plusminus lighting system and the rest of the brand’s offerings, visit plusminusxdesignmilk.

adjustable lighting system that uses "belts" to add and subtract pendants

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