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Nagano HQ is a minimalist space located in Nagano, Japan, designed by Norm Architects. Upon entering, one is greeted by a reception area with soaring double-height ceilings, which evokes the feeling of an art gallery. Key artistic elements are skillfully incorporated, lending a sense of inspiration while maintaining a professional demeanor. Moving beyond the reception, the workspace unfurls as a comfortable, inviting environment that challenges the conventional concept of an office. Here, the design adopts the idea of an “all-day living room,” wherein comfort and creativity exist in tandem. The stone floors, usually cool to the touch, are offset by strategically placed carpets that help demarcate unique furniture arrangements.

These zones act as focal points for collaboration or individual reflection, effectively delineating the space for various work modes. Located amidst Nagano’s captivating mountain ranges, calming hot springs, and cultural landmarks, the city itself contributes to the building’s ethos. It provides a backdrop that allows for the seamless blending of work and well-being, attracting both local and international professionals. This geographical context informs the building’s design, imbuing it with a sense of balance and harmony that resonates with those who seek both career growth and a fulfilling lifestyle.

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