Whether they seem to melt down a wall or create a gateway to a nonexistent room, Bower Studios’ iconic contemporary mirrors have always turned heads and gathered a crowd. Now, the design studio is expanding to get its mirrors into more hands and homes with the launch of its sister brand, Ready To Hang. Starting today, Bower Studios’ cult followers can check out monthly drops of mirror designs at a price point that’s a little friendlier on the wallet, but you’ll have to act fast. Each monthly drop is limited in quantity and once it’s gone, it’s gone.

woman sitting on the ground next to four contemporary moderns

If Bower Studios’ original mirrors are like the the elegant older first born, consider Ready To Hang as the hipper, cooler younger sibling. For the brand’s inaugural drop today, there are a series of four designs: a rectangular Bezel mirror in Lavender and Cherry, a round Puffer mirror in Chocolate, a Squeeze mirror in Milano, and a zippy Zip mirror in Chocolate and Sky.

woman sitting on the ground next to four contemporary mirrors

lavender and cherry colored mirror on the floor

lavender and cherry mirror hung in a burgundy room next to a pair of legs and hands holding flowers

brown mirror held by two sets of hands wearing gloves

woman in yellow shirt next to a brown mirror on the wall

contemporary green mirror on the ground

person with hand on hip next to a green mirror on the wall

a brown and blue mirror resembling a mirror on the ground

hand unzipping a coat next to a blue and brown mirror on the wall

Learn more about Ready To Hang and shop its first ever drop here!

As the Senior Contributing Editor, Vy Yang is obsessed with discovering ways to live well + with intention through design. She’s probably sharing what she finds over on Instagram stories. You can also find her at vytranyang.com.

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