The best kitchens are ones with style and functionality rolled into one in an effortless fashion. Color and contrast do play a big role in shaping the overall visual appeal of your kitchen. Yet, the monochromatic background is something that still holds plenty of appeal. This is even truer when you have a kitchen in white that is not strictly monochromatic but still feels refreshing, cheerful and inviting. The best white kitchens feel anything but mundane and make up for the lack of bold and bright color with a contrast in texture and finishes. And add space-saving ergonomics to it and you have a kitchen that is perfect for the modern home.

Lovely monochromatic kitchen in white [From: Zephyr]

Creating the right white kitchen is all about ensuring that there is a balance between a distinct personality that you crave for and a backdrop that is versatile; allowing you to shift between styles with ease. With the trend of wood and white kitchens catching on across the globe in 2019, this is the right time to try out a more white approach in your kitchen. Step in and discover the very best –

Right Style for Your White Kitchen

Finding the right style for the white kitchen is all too easy and you can even shift between styles with the bare minimum in terms of both cost and effort. Styles like beach, coastal, shabby chic and modern are perfect for the small kitchen in white and this is truer when you are thinking of a kitchen revamp in the summer months. Of course, the contemporary and minimal kitchens seem even more splendid in the all-white setting and you can always add additional layers of color and texture to make it even more special.

Marble brings polished modern panache to the kitchen in white
Minimal all-white kitchen with space-savvy shelving
Sleek cabinets and closed storage units give this kitchen a minimal appeal
Small white kitchen with open box-style wooden cabinet and lovely lighting [From: ERA / Eric Rothfeder Architect]
Smart and stylish kitchen in white saves ample space with its smart design [From: AGV cocinas]
Tiny kitchen in the corner puts efficiency above all else [From: Erik Richard Design]
Gorgeous countertops anchor the white kitchen and add visual contrast [From: D+Lena Design]
It is bar stools that add visual contrast to the all-white kitchen [From: Tallman Segerson Builders]

A Balance Between White and Wood

As we alluded to the fact earlier, white and wood is a color combination that is taking the decorating world by storm this year. You can make it even better with the right balance between both the elements while adding space-savvy shelves and open, wooden cabinets. For those who want to even more intrigue to the kitchen in white, a concrete finish or an accent wall in brick makes a big impact thanks to the neutral backdrop.

Reclaimed wood coupled with white in a brilliant fashion in the farmhouse kitchen
Slab of wood with natural edge steals the show here!
Space-saving design combines the small kitchen with laundry design without hassle
Tiny Scandinavian style kitchen in white in the corner
White is the perfect color choice for the uber-tiny kitchen
White kitchen with a touch of blue and gray usher in Scandinavian minimalism [From: Classic Interiors]
All-white kitchen with natural finishes and wooden flourish that adds warmth
Combining the kitchen with the dining room saves ample space in the open plan setting

Adding a Dash of Color

For the white kitchen, even a pinch of color makes a big impact with ease and you can use this to your advantage as you shift between accent colors and changing seasons. A simple bar stool in blue, backsplash in bright green or tiles in yellow can alter both the style and the appearance of the space with ease. Even metallic accents and bold pendants feel much more special in the white kitchen; so go give this a try this summer.

Bar stools and tile section in the corner bring a hint of blue to this white kitchen
Even a hint of dark color stands out brilliantly in the all-white kitchen
Hint of pastel blue combined with ample white in the light-filled kitchen
Just the addition of retro fridge in orange makes a big impact in this white kitchen
Tiles add pattern to the small white kitchen
Tiny bit of gray for the kitchen island among all that white makes a big impact
Who says white kitchens are boring!
Adding a touch of black always helps improve the aesthetics of an all-white kitchen [From: Urbane Design]

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