Summer might be behind us and the celebration that fall brings with it also ushers in chill in the air. But for those who live in more tropical regions of the world and many who wish to take in the last few warm days of the year, now is the time to take things outdoors! That means different things for different folk. Some might prefer the comfort of the poolside deck while others might waste away those gorgeous evenings next to the fireplace and under the pergola. Be it outdoor dining spaces or barbecue zones, an outdoor hangout is the perfect way to both find solitude and bring the family together.

Awesome wooden pergola coupled with brilliant pops of color and flowering plants for a relaxing outdoor space [From: Steven Paul Whitsitt Photography]

When it comes to creating fabulous outdoor hangouts, aesthetics tends to take a backseat to functionality. We want to get everything working and comfortable before we think about how we can improve the overall visual appeal. This fall give your patio, deck or poolside hangout a dashing and catchy makeover by adding some color to it all! Whether you wish to sit in the sunken outdoor lounge and experience privacy and comfort or just want to spend more time on the pool deck, a bit of color always enlivens the occasion. Step in and discover 25 marvelous inspirations that promise just that –

Accent Pillows Work their Magic

We love accent pillows for more reason than one. They bring color and contrast to pretty much any setting that they adorn. They are affordable, easy to switch out and allow you to add different accents colors to a room with changing seasons. Take all these perks and transport them outdoors with durable accent pillows that can withstand a bit of sunshine and rain. Outdoor accent and floor pillows are a lot sturdier than they seem and they do much more than just add color to the hangout. They also bring comfort and a change in style and offer all this on a budget. Easiest and fastest way to brighten that poolside bench!

Throw pillows bring pink and orange to the outdoor deck [From: Interior Desires UK]
Captivating outdoor hangout in brick, wood and ample greenery all around
Giant umbrella in orange and accent pillows in orange and blue bring color to the gray outdoor couch [From: Ashleigh Weatherill Interior Design]
Keeping the outdoor decor neutral accentuates the visual appeal of colorful throw pillows
Use throw pillows in multiple colors for a brighter outdoor hangout
You can switch between accent pillows as the trends change over time
Blue accent pillows for the beach style covered deck [From: Cape Cod Residential]
Blue and white is the perfect color scheme for the beach style deck

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Let Nature Take Over

You are already outside, so why not let nature work her magic as you take a backseat! Nothing adds color and glamour to the deck, balcony or patio like a few flowering plants. They are vastly under-rated and while many of them require considerable care, it is well worth the extra effort. A wall of greenery also provides additional layer of privacy to the backyard. Creepers and climbers that entwine with the pergola structure, small shrubs that usher in sporadic bursts of greenery or a giant living wall that brings nature to the urban landscape – your options here are aplenty.

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Basement courtyard with innovative seating and green glitz!
Farmhouse style deck is just incomplete with a healthy dose of greenery [From: Black Door Interiors]
Large potted plants add color and freshness to the modern deck [From: Patrick Kaut]
Living wall is a space-savvy way to add greenery to the small urban gallery
Love the use of lights, color and greenery in here!
Pick your own personal style when it comes to adding greenery to the balcony [From: Saima Salam Design]
Rustic balcony of the modern home with plenty of greenery
Backdrop shaped by greenery and creepers makes a big impact here

Décor, Lighting and Backdrop

If you are looking to splurge a bit beyond the throw pillows, the lighting fixtures are a great way to bring freshness to the outdoor hangout. Colorful string lights are a hit this festive season and so are smart floor lights. Décor in bright hues takes a bit more of an investment while tiles in the backdrop, fireplace and accents also make a big difference. Try out what works best in your own outdoor space before you settle on a final idea.

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Drapes and curtains add to the color scheme of this eclectic deck
Modern beach style deck with dashing pops of orange
Snazzy rug gives this contemporary rug a bright and bold modern look [From: James R. Meyer]
Turn the small and private deck into a romantic getaway with string lighting and colorful chairs [From: vgzarquitectura y diseño]
Warm string lighting also gives the outdoor space a festive makeover! [From: Native Son Design Studio]
Attractive blue LED lighting for the modern deck [From: Harold Leidner Landscape Architects]
Brilliant chairs in yellow bring color to this outdoor dining space
Decor, accents and the rug add delightful blue to the curated patio [From: Alterra]

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