Call it the City of Lights or the City of Dreams, Paris is a place that has left many enchanted for centuries. The fashion and style capital of the world sets the tone when it comes to all things trendy. But it is the unique ‘flavor’ of this dreamy French city that makes all things emanating from its heart that much more special. The same is true for homes in Paris that have evolved over the years with a style of their own. It is a style that combines space-savvy design with plenty of brightness, natural greenery and even a healthy dose of color thrown into the mix. It is a style unlike any other and one you can recognize instantly.

Adding Parisian Bistro appeal to the kitchen with the dining space next to it!

What exactly is a kitchen with ‘Parisian charm’ is probably hard to define in words. It feels breezy, modern and easy on the eyes. White is often the color of choice in here and even the most luxurious finishes are interwoven seamlessly into its exquisite backdrop. Most importantly, each of these kitchens has a certain ‘it’ factor – something that makes them so very attractive without going over the top. Offering ample inspiration for homeowners across the globe, this is a look at 25 of the very best kitchens from the city of Paris –

White, Light and Just Gorgeous!

One thing that nearly all the city’s best kitchens have in common is their affinity towards white and the eloquent way in which they use a neutral backdrop. White does not feel like an afterthought in here and it acts more like the ideal blank canvas on which you can paint any theme and style you choose. Most of these kitchens inherently veer towards styles like shabby chic, modern Scandinavian and farmhouse. But you can see traits of rustic French lifestyle thrown into the mix as well. Color is used carefully in here and often it is herb gardens and lovely indoor plants the enliven the setting.

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Painting the brick wall white inside the kitchen for a more urbane look
Plants bring green sophistication and freshness to the kitchen in white
Tiles with geo charm make a big visual difference inside the all-white kitchen [From: CINQTROIS]
Tiny single wall kitchen in the corner of the small Paris apartment
Delightful white and wood modern kitchen inside smart Paris apartment [From: Agence Glenn Medioni]
Ergonomic and space-savvy kitchen inside small Paris apartment with modern style [From: Jean-Christophe Peyrieux]

Unmistakable Parisian Charm

Not all kitchens in Paris are about white and space-saving design. There is plenty of inspiration in here for those looking to add color and vivacious accents to their spacious kitchen! Bright colors that create accent walls, blocks of multiple colors that leave you enthralled and dazzling golden fixtures that bring glamour to kitchens greet you in this section. You would be surprised by the air of luxury that you find in here and it stands in contrast to the more austere kitchen inspirations above. But tat is the true beauty of Paris – there is something the city has to offer for everyone. You just need to know where to look!

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All-white kitchen makes perfect use of space and smart lighting
Industrial Parisian style of the smart kitchen in Singapore [From: Uber Design House]
Posh marble finishes combined with darker materials inside the kitchen
Wall-mounted cabinets coupled with dashing blue tiles inside the small corner kitchen [From: Howells Architecture + Design]
White and gray kitchen combines Parisian charm with Scandinavian simplicity
White is the color of choice inside most Parisian style kitchens [From: 2design architecture]
A brick wall in the apartment becomes a part of the kitchen narrative in here

Making Most of Limited Space in Kitchen

Space is arguably the most important commodity in Paris and the closer you get to the heart of the city, the harder it is to find that extra yard of square footage. This is why the best kitchens in apartments across the city embrace a host of space-savvy features – ideas that all of us can borrow from. From small kitchen islands on wheels to wall-mounted cabinets that blend into the white backdrop, the stream of innovative kitchen storage features here is nearly endless! Add to it the bright overall visual appeal and wonderful use of lighting and you have kitchens that feel much larger than they really are.

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Single-wall kitchens save plenty of space inside tiny urban apartments
Small modern kitchen of Paris apartment in white with a gray backsplash [From: A+B KASHA Designs]
Teal gives the neutral kitchen a whole new look inside the white Paris apartment [From: LES CHANTIERS COTTIN]
Blue and white modern apartment kitchen with ample cabinet space
Geometric charm, color and metallic dazzle add to the appeal of the small white kitchen [from: ARCHIPELLES]
Scandinavian and Parisian styles rolled into one [From: RAMSEYER ARCHITECTES]

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