Few settings feel as relaxing, charming and energizing at the same time as the famed Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia and this is where you find the gorgeous Sunshine Beach House designed by PopovBass. This is a contemporary home that completely embraces the coastal chic appeal of the neighborhood and the white sands along with surf become a part of the overall narrative. Waves seem just a stone’s throw away from the double-height living room that extends into the deck outside in a seamless fashion. With a double-story structure that also shapes the lovely deck, there is plenty of space to rest and rejuvenate here!

Beautiful kitchen and dining area of the Sunshine Beach House

It is the lower level that contains the living room, kitchen and dining space with blue and white dominating the setting. A stylish wooden staircase with dark blue added to it becomes the focal point of the living room while the décor feels understated and smart. Breezeblocks keep away the harsh coastal winds while proper protection from rain makes this the perfect ocean-side house that can take the rough weather along with the good times. [Photography: Fiona Susanto]

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Lovely spiral stairway sits at the heart of the open, double-height living room
Master bedroom in dark bluish-gray and white
Natural greenery coupled with sandy dunes shape the landscape around the Sunshine Beach House
Planning for a seamless transition between the living room and the deck
Sheltered entryway of the Sunshine Beach House keeps out blistering winds
View from above of the woodsy spiral staircase
Closed street facade of the Sunshine Beach House
Curved walls ensure that the entryway is different from the usual

This upper level features a dark color tone externally as well, which is intended to make the house recede into the natural vegetation, respecting the views of both the neighbors and of passers-by on the beach. As a dominant characteristic of the design, the roof addresses the particular environmental considerations of this site.

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Dark black and beautiful blue create a gorgeous spiral stairway that can be seen even from outside
Double-height deck and the ocean outside seem like a natural extension of the living room
Entry room with a curved wall and neutral color scheme
First floor plan of Sunshine Beach House
Ground floor plan of Sunshine Beach House

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