In this video, I’ll walk you through five incredible prefab homes that are not only gorgeous and reasonably priced but also equipped with amazing smart home features :

The first prefab home on our list is from, a business that creates fully sustainable, manufactured smart homes that can be customized to be an off-grid, self-sufficient prefab home or used in a typical residential setting after being connected to regular utilities.
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2. Dvele
Their homes have a full solar array and battery, allowing them to be off the grid for up to four days. Every house has access to the DveleIQ software platform, which maximizes occupant and building health through artificial intelligence.
With the help of more than 300 Z-Wave sensors that provide real-time data on home health, energy use, and air quality, the platform monitors and regulates building health. In addition, the platform offers automation for entertainment, security, lighting, and temperature.
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3. Nestron
Nestron, a Singaporean company that specializes in futuristic-looking smart pods that can be shipped anywhere in the world, Their pods are completely furnished and outfitted with voice-activated or app-controlled smart devices.
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4. Plant Prefab
Plant Prefab, a California-based business that specializes in environmentally friendly and creatively designed prefabricated homes
A standard smart tech package that comes with their homes also includes smart appliances, lighting, water management, security systems, and thermostats that are Wi-Fi enabled. Smart speakers, smart shades, smart irrigation, and smart heating and cooling are among the extra features that can be added to the package.
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5. Roombus
Roombus builds Nest homes using its own RoomOS smart home platform. Their modular, scalable, and adaptable home designs suit a variety of lifestyles and price ranges. Smart technologies that can monitor and control energy consumption, security, entertainment, and other aspects of the home are also a feature of their residences.
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