A Fall 2018 Design Trend Preview

It’s already mid-July, but there is a lot of summer left to enjoy! One of my favorite summer pastimes is keeping one foot in the warmest season of the year while looking ahead to fall as the pre-fall collections start emerging. By paying attention to the big trends of the summer, as well as the colors and motifs appearing in the new pre-fall lineup, we can start to piece together a fall design trend forecast! So just what colors and decor will be big this fall?! Keep reading for some stunning new product photography and a slew of trends that just might inspire you to start your fall design shopping while you’re still on summer vacation! [image via Zara Home]

Black and White

While today’s post is organized around color trends, keep your eye on the bold type in each paragraph, which will highlight a range of other fall design trends to enjoy. This past summer has featured a slew of black and white decor, much of it with an earthy, woven or tropical vibe. These colors also seem to anchor the rooms featured in many pre-fall collection photos. After all, this neutral yet bold palette leaves the door open for a range of accent colors. The photo below features items from CB2, including a velvet sofa. Yes, velvet is poised to be one of fall’s biggest trends!

Camel is an extremely popular accent color for black and white rooms. Whether it appears in the form of a velvet pillow or a leather chair, the blend of hues is seamless and natural. [photo from CB2]

A range of tropical greenery and potted succulents appears in the image below, which features a collection of planters from H&M Home. A touch of greenery brings the outdoors in, enhancing any black and white space. Whether you’re in the middle of summer or bracing for the cold of winter, houseplants will breathe new life into your home. In fact, the current houseplant revival shows no signs of letting up.

If you’re not a fan of plant maintenance, you can always opt for cut greenery in vases. After all, a burst of greenery is a welcome addition to any interior design style (or palette). [vases below from H&M Home]

If you adore black and white and you’re into earthy style, a range of woven pillows and rugs have been yours for the taking this summer. You don’t have to pack these breezy pieces away once fall hits. Enhance them with some textured textiles in warm, cozy fabrics, and your transition from summer to fall will be perfectly executed! Also note the natural wooden tones in the photo below. [from H&M Home]

Zara Home’s new collection is titled The Art of Color. Anchoring the varied pieces in many of the product photos is a strong palette of black and white. The space below looks like a lived-in artist’s retreat. Comfort can mean many things to many people, so let your favorite things create a cozy vibe in your home. It doesn’t have to be a velvet pillow. Paintbrushes, vases and collections of other items make your house a home.

Do you spot some interesting accent colors in this next featured photo? Keep reading as we profile a few more favorites in the sections that follow…

Navy and Blush

Berry tones will be big this fall. Blues, blushes and lilacs are already taking center stage. Just look at the range of beautiful colors that appear in Zara Home‘s Art of Color collection!…

Navy and blush are two of CB2‘s most prominent colors in the brand’s pre-fall collection. From bedding and curtains to vases and flowers, the soothing combination of blues and pinks provides the perfect backdrop as summer becomes fall.

Then again, blue can always be given a crisp, fresh look when combined with white. The colors in this vignette featuring the Idris Blue Spot Vase are rich and alluring, yet somehow refreshing!

Note the navy and lilac tones in this next image from Zara Home, coupled with a dose of peach. Fresh flowers are always a good idea.

In addition to peach, mustard works well with blues and blushes. No wonder this hue from the yellow family is the perfect addition to a cluster of tasseled velvet pillows from CB2. Did someone say tassels? Yes, these adornments are still going strong for fall!

Scandinavian Style

Color palettes from Scandinavian brands such as Broste Copenhagen and ferm LIVING continue to serve as inspiration each season, and this fall will be no different. In the past, a rich take on jewel tones has emerged in the world of Scandinavian design. This trend will likely continue into the fall of 2018. Deep emerald, sapphire and garnet hues are showcased in the collection of Corduroy Cushions below. [from ferm LIVING]

Not to mention, incorporating a range of blush and berry tones is a striking way to add warmth at home as the weather gets cold. This next photo from ferm LIVING shows how peachy pink, burgundy and even eggplant create an inviting and stunning palette.

Jewel tones pair well with grounding neutrals such as reddish brown, and even tan. Earth tones are anything but boring in the ferm LIVING photos that follow. Note the intriguing plant boxes. Yes, modern planters are still going strong.

Another small furnishing that’s having a moment: the ottoman (that can also be used as a table). When it comes to colors, combining grey and charcoal with deep blue is dramatic and somehow comforting as the mood indoors begins to reflects the cold outside. Who’s ready for winter?! [photo from ferm LIVING]

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves! There’s still plenty of summer left to enjoy. Thanks for joining me as we look ahead to fall! Because it’s never too early to make your design wish list for the months ahead…

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