We all eternally search for peace and tranquility in our lives. It seems like an endless and constant search and different people take different routes to try achieving it. In a world filled with chaos, order is rarely found. Of course, it helps if you have a home that allows you to move further on this path of serenity. Even if you are not the quest, a peaceful home makes your life a whole lot more productive, healthy and easy. Feng shui allows you to create this soothing living environment by directing the flow of energy in a positive and uplifting fashion. Essentially, it is an art of decorating that creates balance and a positive interplay between man and nature.

Asian style dining room for Miami home [From: Mary Washer Designs]

Of course, the first place when it comes to using the principles of Feng shui is often the bedroom flowed by the living room. But this ancient Oriental approach to life also works very well in the dining room. It is pretty easy to work with and you should have no hassles at all in incorporating these timeless ideas into a modern dining space. From the round dining table to a synergy with nature, here are top Feng shui tips for the dining room –

Create a Dedicated Dining Room

One of the most common features of modern homes is the open plan living room with a dining area that just feels like an extension of the kitchen or the living area itself. We are tempted to say that this is a complete ‘no-no’ in the world defined by feng shui. But you have to be practical and get the best of both worlds and that is possible by using smart room dividers in an open plan living. Create the room-within-a-room even while allowing the space to flow into the next.

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Smart room divider for the dining room in open plan living
Divider for the modern dining area

Cheerful Lighting and Mirrors

Lighting is a big part of any room and its overall ambiance and it can make or break the room. In the world of feng shui, it is even more vital. The rules are not much different from the common sound lighting principles. Create an even layer of lighting and we suggest adding mood lighting to alter the appeal of the room when needed. Candles at night and a skylight during daytime provide that extra punch while a mirror that creates visual space makes it far more special.

Mirrors add a cool glint to the modern dining room
Mirror and artwork inside the dining room

Away from the Bathroom and Doors

Feng shui dictates that the dining room should always stay away from the bathroom at all times. It is not just about connectivity, but ensure that the bathroom is not even visibly connected with the dining space in any shape or form. When it comes to doors, the main door for the formal dining area should be the one clearly leading the way into the room and the chair of the head of the family must be placed as far from it as possible.

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Tiny dining can still imbibe the principles of feng shui [From: Roushka Boyd / Billy Bolton Photography]
Room within a room approach to dining room design

Appetizing Artwork and Colors

Wall art that showcases food in the dining room might sound a bit old-fashioned, but it works well every single time. Make sure you have a picture or two of delicious food and combining fiery accents of red, orange or yellow with neutral backdrops creates the ideal backdrop. Do not shy away from using bold colors in the dining room along with your favorite shade of light blue or dashing gray.

Contemporary dining room with wall art inspired by food
Orange adds charm and brightness to the dining room [From: Dulux New Zealand]

Round and Oval Dining Tables

Yes, the rectangle dining table is popular and one that is extendable offers even more functionality. But feng shui suggests using an oval dining table instead. In a square or rectangle dining room, the flow of chi is best when you use a dining table with curves. The next best option is the round dining table and staying away from a dining table with sharp edges must be your last resort.

Beautifully lit dining room in white with a round dining table
Oval dining table and a room with a balance of elements is simply perfect

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Water, Nature and More

Try to give the dining room a balance of elements by adding a small indoor water feature in the backdrop. If that feels a bit unrealistic, then connect the dining area with the pool and garden outside using sliding glass doors or floor-to-ceiling glass windows. Nature always gives an interior calming and curated appeal.

Connecting the dining room with the garden and pool area outside

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