If you are put off by the general vibe of 2020 when it comes to getting ready for the Holiday Season ahead of us, then now is the time to shake off the blues. Nothing helps us get past difficult times like a bit of celebration and time with friends and family; even if it is in a virtual manner. You might not be knocking on doors for trick-or-treat this season, but you can still create a stunning visual for all those that drive past your home with a fabulous Halloween-themed front porch. Decorating the porch for Halloween is all about finding a balance between something spooky and something creative and here are the best ideas to get you started.

Jack-o’-Lanterns, custom garland, skulls and skeletons create this stunning Halloween front porch [From: Amazon]

Halloween is not just about all things scary and you can combine beautiful lighting with a few quirky patterns and pumpkins for a more fun look. Some are simple and easy as they combine pumpkins with Jack-o’-lanterns while others add skeletons, skulls and witch hats for a more Halloweeny vibe. It is all about what works best for your home and the size of the front porch that you wish to decorate. It is time to welcome home Halloween gleefully –

Pumpkins and Jack-o’-Lanterns

The easiest way to decorate the front porch while also creating the biggest impact is undoubtedly by using pumpkin. Both painting and carving pumpkins takes very little time and you need not be an expert crafter to get this done. Add a few fabulous Jack-o’-lanterns to the mix, maybe some fall foliage and you have a gorgeous Halloween-themed front porch that is bound to become the envy of the neighborhood. Colors schemes like black and orange are always popular this time of the year and when set against a white backdrop, they seem even more impressive. Ideas like the lighted pumpkin topiary take a bit more work, but are well worth the additional effort.

Lighted Pumpkin Topiary for the Halloween Front Porch [From: DIY Candy]
Black and orange Halloween front porch decorating idea [From: Thistlewood Farms]
Carved pumpkins, Jack-o’-lanterns and fall leaves are combined to welcome you at this house

Keeping it Simple

A few witch hats hanging from above, a broomstick in the corners, a few crows placed here and there and of course those hanging spiders where you least expect them – it is not too hard to fashion that impressive front porch as Halloween rolls around. A trip to your local store or browsing through your favorite online shop is all you need to do at times before putting everything together. Another easy idea is to place small plastic skulls on every step of the house and to hang a few as well in order to make it more dramatic. We do suggest using skulls in black instead of white for greater visual impact along with right lighting.

Scary front porch decorating idea for Halloween [From: Design Improvised]
Simple way to decorate the front porch for Halloween with witch hats and a few pumpkins
Skulls are a popular choice as Halloween decorative pieces this season [From: Atta Girl Says]

Take a Spookier Route

Want to really scare the kids in your neighborhood? Maybe you are trying to create the scariest front porch of your street! We have ideas for you that stand out from the crowd and really usher in a spooky vibe. If you have not tried it already, then a zombie on the front porch is as scary as a Halloween decorative piece can get. Fill the air around it with a bit of haziness and it is bound to throw off even the toughest of folks! Bats, bones, skulls and candles with blood red on the sides along with lanterns – there is plenty you can do even on the small modern front porch as Halloween comes knocking on the door.

DIY front door Halloween decorating idea with bats and more [From: Country Living]
Perfect way to keep people off of your front porch this Halloween even while turning heads
Spooky and creative porch decorating idea for Halloween full of bones!

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