Every once in a while it feels good to redecorate your home. It fills your world with brightness, energy and also lets you try something trendy without splurging a fortune. It is the little details that need to be altered here without disturbing the larger picture. With spring here and Easter not too far away, ‘refreshing color’ once again replaces the white and gray of winter. Presenting you with a playful and modern way of adding color and pattern to your home without going overboard is the Polka Dot trend. Polka dots have been around forever and many attach them with the swinging 60’s and the vibrant 70’s. Today’s DIY Polka Dot crafts bring back a touch of that nostalgia with a modern twist!

DIY Polka Dot Lanterns

Even though Polka Dots are not revolutionary in terms of design, they can be used in multiple ways and the color of the dots and frequency can alter the style of the room. Using polka dots in neural hues is perfect for the modern accent wall while a touch of gold and multi-colored brilliance makes an impact when you want to usher in ‘party pizazz’. From polka dot adored décor to even a couple of personal style upgrades, these DIY projects help with a dashing makeover.

Polka Dot Décor DIYs

Sometimes you want to add pattern to the modern living space, kitchen or dining without going overboard and in a manner that makes it easy to redecorate down the line. The Polka Dot DIY Rug is a great start in this direction. Easy to craft and making a big visual impact, this cool rug can be used in the entryway, living area, dining room or even the play area. As always, picking colors that are already present in the living space gives the interior a more curated look.

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DIY Polka Dot Accent Wall Idea
Fabulous and easy polka dot mail box
Stylish DIY polka dot rug idea

The polka dot mailbox is a fun DIY idea that moves away from the mundane gives the front yard an almost vintage, nostalgic appeal. Polka dots have the magic of turning back time when coupled with white picket fences and ice cream trucks! A polka dot accent wall works well in a largely neutral home with little else in terms of pattern while polka dot-centric wall art can be combined with other abstract and fun art pieces.

Dashing DIY Polka Dot wall art idea

For the Spring and Summer Party Table

With winter behind you, it is time to once again plan for the fun and outdoorsy spring parties and maybe you might want to start well ahead of Easter to get in the groove. Polka dot napkins, tableware and even wine glasses are perennially popular additions to the spring party table. Bright, cheerful and beautiful, the classy table with a polka dot theme can be one the staples you turn to every time you are in doubt. Altering the color palette is also pretty easy here and with the DIY polka dot gift bags, you have the perfect party theme!

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DIY polka dot gift bags
DIY Spot Your Wine Glass
Cool and chic polka dot plates full of personality
Creating the perfect table with Polka dot theme

For Your Personal Style

With all those polka dot crafts, you might be tempted to add to them to your wardrobe as well. Venturing beyond design and décor, here are couple of projects that bring the dashing dots to upgrade your personal style. The DIY iPhone Case with Polka Dot Design is something you can try out for every phone while the polka dot dress stands out from the crowd almost instantly. You can even mix a top in solid color with a skirt carrying the polka dots for a retro-themed look.

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DIY iPhone Case with Polka Dot Design
DIY dress with polka dots feels perfect for summer!

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