There are perks in bring work home. Life can be even easier at times when you work from home entirely! Of course, on the downside of things, the line between work and personal life might be quickly blurred. It makes sense to have an office space that is detached from your primary living area and homeowners are discovering its many benefits as they explore the world of backyard offices. Adding sensationally to this ever-growing and inspirational collection is the Butterfly Studio in Westport, Connecticut. Its design feels abstract and futuristic to the untrained eye. Yet, it is evolution and bio-mimicry that help shape this awesome office.

Private studio in the backyard with concrete, wood and glass walls

Designed by Valerie Schweitzer Architects, stucco and wood walls along with cleverly placed glass sections imitate the form of a butterfly’s closed wings to create this exquisite and private office in the garden. It is more of an art studio than a modern office with the glass roof supported by a metallic structure ushering in much more than just natural light. Colors change throughout the day as the sun changes its position and at night, the star-studded sky is your companion. Connecting with nature without sacrificing privacy or compromising on acoustics, this majestic art studio is one of a kind.

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Exterior of the studio ensures those inside have complete privacy
View of the Butterfly Studio in Westport
Artificial lighting gives the studio warm, inviting glow
Butterfly Studio by Valerie Schweitzer Architects
Form of the unique art studio and office is inspired by the wings of a butterfly

The poured concrete floor and angled walls help in thermal regulation with warm lighting and a relaxing landscape setting the mood here. If you are looking to create a smart, sensible and unique backyard studio, this delight in Connecticut provides all the inspiration one needs! [Photography: Tom Leighton, Paul Bartholomeuw]

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Smart lighting and stunning design steal the show at the Butterfly Studio
View of the sky from the interior of the art studio
Metal frame and glass roof bring in ample ventilation
Private office and art studio in the backyard of family home in Westport

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