If there is one room in the house that we obsess about when it comes to decorating and redesign, then it is undoubtedly the kitchen. It is a space that is increasingly becoming the social hub of the house that brings entire family together. The idea of a perfect kitchen is one that often involves light colors, a neutral backdrop and pops of trendy colors like blue and yellow. But that is not the only option available and there are times when darker themes work better than their lighter counterparts when used right. This largely depends on style, theme chosen and the overall space on offer. Today, we delve into the world of kitchens in black and the best ones around.

Single-wall kitchen in black with dining space next to it and a large window that ushers in the view [From: utkina darya]

Best black kitchens are ones that combine a sense of sophistication with functionality and do so without moving away from the chosen style. Be it contemporary style, minimal or transitional, kitchens in black work even better when thing are polished and urban in the kitchen. But they can be equally impressive in industrial, rustic or other more traditional-themed kitchens. Cutting across themes and styles, this is a look at the 20 best black kitchens to kick-start the New Year –

A Striking Black Backdrop

Creating a dark backdrop in black in the kitchen is not all that hard if you are willing to give the kitchen black shelves and cabinets that extend from floor to ceiling. Dark metallic sheets and finishes are currently a popular trend in the kitchen and these finishes also usher in textural contrast wherever necessary. Couple this with a black backsplash in stone or tile and you have a kitchen that is even more monochromatic and dashing! If you wish to create contrast without altering the color scheme drastically, the countertops in wood can do the trick with ease.

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Hint of black brought into the kitchen island with dark stone island and accents
Simple and smart Edison bulb lighting for the modern kitchen with black all around [From: Agence ETINCELLES]
Striking pendants bring metallic accent to the kitchen in black [From: Trudi Rabbitte at Rabbitte Joinery]
Wood and black small kitchen with stylish bar stools and smart lighting [From: Most Studio]
Brick coupled with black in the modern industrial kitchen [From: sukhotskiy]
Chic contemporary bar stools along with sparkling copper pendant lights and black and wood kitchen surfaces

Décor that Ushers in Dark Beauty

If you are no happy with creating a black backdrop that is monochromatic or wish to try out just a hint of black in the kitchen before committing to it fully, then accents are the perfect choice. A kitchen island in black in a white kitchen makes a dashing statement while bar stools and chairs are the next best option. A black backsplash in the kitchen using tiles or stone can also make a big impact when you keep rest of the room as neutral as possible. Start out modest before embracing the dark magic of black!

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Live-edge kitchen island and breakfast bar coupled with dark cabinets and gorgeous LED lights [From: Filippo Cei]
Marble coupled with dark finishes in the kitchen to create a curated look [From: Accord Homes]
Use dark gray instead of black in the modern kitchen with a hint of woodsy charm [From: Philippe Conzade]
White subway tiles stand in contrast to the black used extensively in the black kitchen [From: Prestigious Kitchen & Home Design]
Black cabinets and stone kitchen island gives the contemporary kitchen a polished look [From: LEICHT Houston]
Giving your kitchen a gorgeous makeover in black with the right cabinets and pendant lights

Balance between Light and Dark Elements

Another smart approach to working with black in the kitchen is to combine it with white so that you have a modern black and white kitchen. You can veer more towards black here instead of white, giving the kitchen a distinctly darker appeal. Even if the walls of the kitchen remain white, a black backsplash, or ceiling in black can create contrast and usher in something different with ease. Make sure that you have an even lighting throughout the kitchen so that there are no dark corners around.

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Exquisite contemporary kitchen with white ceiling, track lighting and black cabinets [From: T.Z.F Architecture Studio]
Slim stools for the kitchen in black with marble backsplash
Stainless steel pendants for the kitchen with black backdrop and smart shelving
Backdrop in black stands out more visually thanks to the white used in the kitchen [From: Vogue Kitchens]
Balanced blend of black and white in the light-filled contemporary kitchen [From: Home by Dean fastighetsförmedling]
Bar stools add to the black in the dining room [From: Sketch Building Design]
Dark gray tiles coupled with black cabinets in the spacious modern kitchen [From: Standard Tile]

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