Botanique Café Bar Plantas: Urban Jungle with a Cozy, Imperfect Twist

Bring contrasting styles together is a difficult task that requires balance. It is even harder when you have to blend two different brands that have their own unique identity and create within the same setting an inviting and comfortable atmosphere. Accomplishing all this with plenty of pomp and greenery is the Botanique Café in Brazil that was designed by Moca Arquitetura. The interior of this gorgeous and striking little eatery in downtown Curitiba creates a smart and sensational fusion of styles that vary from the classic and vintage to tropical and contemporary. There is an undoubted touch of retro charm no matter where you look with pastel pinks, bright greens and bold yellows filling your world with colorful zest.

Vintage meets modern and tropical inside the cafe

We absolutely love how two different brands – plants store Borealis and the Latin-American themed café Negritta – come together effortlessly in here. Even if the architects want to call the style of the café as ‘Tropical Destroyed’ we want to term it as tropical infused with timeless allure! Local flea market finds, distressed finishes of aging furniture pieces and curated modern décor items are placed next to vintage lighting fixtures with metallic glint and polished marble surfaces that have a charm of their own. The entire makeover of this once boring nook inside a 1950’s building can seem overwhelming for some!

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Classic Brazilian cafe combined with plants store Borealis in downtown store
Color blocking helps shape a dynamic interior full of charm
Gorgeous new interior of Botanique with greenery and bright colors
Greenery coupled with modernity and antique decor inside the cafe
Lighting and bright combination of colors for the cafe
Marble and pink create a lovely and vivacious cafe interior
Touch of vintage at the Botanique Cafe

Maybe it is the beauty of the second-hand furniture found in local markets, maybe it is the lighting inside the café or just the sensational use of color, but every aspect of this café feels comfy and exciting. Of course, the presence of abundance natural greenery always makes the interior that bit extra special! Next time you are in the neighborhood, do take time out and visit this unique café. [Photography: Eduardo Macarios]

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Tropical flavor finds space inside each and every section of the store
Aged surfaces and reclaimed furniture pieces inside the cafe
Beautiful and revamped storefront of Botanique

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