There were times when the world around us was largely draped in beige. With the bright colors and floral patterns of the 80’s fading away, 90’s saw beige take over in homes across the world. In a world where straight lines, austerity and simplicity held fort, it was indeed the perfect color. Beige felt impersonal and therein laid its true magic. But that was a trend which soon took backseat with beige being perceived as boring and far too stoic. Then came the overwhelming wave of gray and today gray stills sits at the top of the ‘hottest neutrals’ chart. But beige seems to have found wings again!

View of distant waves from the beach style bedroom in beige [From: Evergreen Building Systems]

Those who discard and dismiss beige entirely do so without understanding its full potential. It is a color that gives you plenty of flexibility both in terms of style and design. You need not worry about accent hues that might not fit in with its overall presence as beige is welcoming as a smart backdrop. Today, we take a look at bedrooms in beige and how you can work with this color without creating an atmosphere that feels mundane and uninspiring.

Adapt a Modern Style

It is easy to believe that only gray can bring modernity to the room as a neutral hue because we are all so very caught up in the trends that surround us. But beige can create an equally beautiful, breezy and amazing modern bedroom where you have even greater design flexibility. The many shades of beige vary in tints from those with dark pinkish hue to ones with a touch of distinct yellow brightness. Altering the shades of beige in the room also has a smart visual effect and you can try out different subtle styles coupled with modern overtones without altering the backdrop.

Transitional bedroom with bedding and drapes in beige
Touch of glam for the beige bedroom in transitional style[From: Inspired Interiors]

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Lighting is Key

We strongly believe that with a color like beige lighting in the bedroom becomes more important than ever before! As always, we suggest you rely largely on natural illumination during daytime with windows and sliding glass doors bringing in plenty of freshness and the outdoorsy charm. After sunset, a smart combination of recessed lighting coupled with a bright chandelier or bedside pendant lights should do the trick. Make sure though that there are no dull corners here as beige bedrooms with poor lighting can quickly turn into depressing spaces

Light-filled eclectic bedroom in beige with a gray rug [From: Tickadeeboo Inside Design]
Beach style coupled with contemporary beige beauty in the bedroom [From: R Jones Designs]

Add Accent Hues

This is one aspect of beige that everyone loves. A backdrop in beige in the bedroom allows you to experiment with a wide range of themes, styles and most importantly accent colors. Not everyone among us has the time patience or the resources to constantly and extensively redecorate the bedroom with changing seasons. Adding trendy accents to a bedroom in beige is much more cost-effective and from pink and purple to green and yellow, any and every color works with beige seamlessly.

Gorgeous blue accents for bedroom in beige [From: The Stage House]
Replace white with beige in the bedroom [From: Anna Wilson Interiors]
Victorian style bedroom with beige walls, purple bedding and black drapes

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Usher in Textural Contrast

Just because you are using beige in the bedroom, you do not have to do away with other opportunities which bring contrast to the bedroom backdrop. Different textures and finishes are a great way of creating interest in the bedroom without actually breaking up the beige appeal. Wooden beams, stone walls, brick sections and the lazy, cozy rugs and comfy bedding – you can bring them all together with a lovely beige backdrop.

Spacious farmhouse style bedroom uses beige in a brilliant fashion [From: Brandon Huttenlocher Visuals]
Curved walls and a world of beige greet you inside this bedroom

More of the Same

A shade-on-shade approach to decorating with beige can shape a fabulous and soothing bedroom with a monochromatic visual appeal. Here again, you can use various finishes to create contrast even while playing with different tones of beige. Off white coupled with beige is another combination that feels charming and contemporary while even lighting and metallic accents can put the final touches on this stylish, beige bedroom.

Relaxing beach style bedroom in beige [From: PUDDA Home Staging & Redesign]
Contemporary bedroom with walls in beige [From: Rénovation Sur Mesure]

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